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10 Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Office Cubicle


10 Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Office Cubicle

10 Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Office Cubicle

Spring has finally sprung and if you’re like me… you probably spend a good chunk of the day in your office cubicle. And if you’re even more like me… you hate working in a cluttered, messy, disorganized area!

OK, so even if you aren’t like me and you don’t mind working amongst chaos, it’s still a good idea to spring clean your office cubicle.  A new sense of order might facilitate even more productivity on your part! Here are 10 simple ways to spring clean your office cubicle.

  1. Put away projects you are not currently working on. The more left out, the less space for what’s important right now.
  2. Take all of your papers, books and catalogs that you reference on occasion and place them in a binder or hanging file. Binders can be conveniently placed out of view yet easily accessible in your overhead bin.
  3. Recycle or shred paper and files that you are no longer required to keep on behalf of your company. Go through your files at least two times a year. If you aren’t sure what you are required to keep, ask a manager or human resources.
  4. If knick-knacks and small clutter is crowding shelves and office cubicle desk space, sweep it all up and only put back the essentials. Be selective in what you display.
  5. Personal grooming items often clutter desks. Keep your lip balm, mirror, comb and other grooming items in your office cubicle desk drawer.
  6. Limit the amount of office supplies and junk drawer items you store. This can waste precious work and storage space.
  7. Declutter the office cubicle walls and cabinets around you. Too many pictures, kid’s drawings or inspirational sayings clutter the space. Aim for 80% empty wall space and 20% personal inspiration.
  8. Avoid bringing any personal paperwork to your work place. You don’t need to pay the bills at work.
  9. Keep the area under your desk clear of clutter so you can stretch out your legs, hide a purse if need be, and still have room for small garbage can or footrest.
  10. Every small space must be maintained on a daily or weekly basis, otherwise it will return to being a mess after a busy workweek. Block off time every Friday or every Monday on your schedule to keep your office cubicle clean and organized.

There are so many things additional things you can do to keep your office cubicle clean and organized but following these ten simple tips will get you going in the right direction.  Not only will this keep you looking professional, it should make you feel less stressed. This in turn will allow you to do the best job you can, and look forward to what spring can bring!



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