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How to Maximize Your Vacation While Staying Connected


How to Maximize Your Vacation While Staying Connected

How to Maximize Your Vacation While Staying Connected

Taking time away from the office cubicle to enjoy vacation is often easier said than done. It’s especially challenging if you are a key member of management or perhaps an owner of a small business without anyone to delegate to. But it doesn’t have to ruin your vacation if you manage it carefully. Here are some important tips to follow so you can maximize your vacation while staying connected.

The first thing you must do to prepare for time away from the office is to alert your contacts. Let your clients, suppliers and those that contact you on a frequent basis know that you’ll be on vacation. That way they know to contact you only in the event of an emergency. They can leave the day-to-day business discussions for when you return. This helps you manage your time away and set expectations.

Be sure to put an out of office alert on your email and voicemail so that everyone is aware that you are out. Plus, leave important instructions on what to do and how to contact you if the matter is urgent.

If your job requires you to be available all the time to respond to emergencies, have your key contacts send you text messages only. You can carry your cell phone to alert you to the matter. Otherwise, leave your phone in the hotel room. This way, you are never bothered by a call while you are sightseeing or relaxing on the beach.

If you must check in with the office, do so rising early in the morning to check email and complete essential work tasks before others are even awake. Not only do you make your working vacation less conspicuous, but getting ahead before others even get up can give you a sense of calm and achievement, allowing you to actually enjoy some time off.

Most importantly, be sure when you are on vacation – to be present. This means, when you are away from work, enjoy the comforts of friends and family. Working vacations are a reality for many. Just try your best to set expectations and make it a priority to unplug. It’s important to take a few days away from the stress of the office to rest, relax and recharge.


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