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Benefits of Recycled Office Cubicles


Benefits of Recycled Office Cubicles

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Benefits of Recycled Office Cubicles

When looking to furnish an office with cubicles, there are many factors to consider. It’s an investment of time and money, so you want to get great value. One of the best ways to get more bang for your buck is to consider recycled office cubicles, like ROSI’s RECube remanufactured product line.


Recycled office cubicles average 30-50% less in upfront cost than their new counterparts, making them simply much more affordable. They are a perfect choice for either a brand new office or to update an established office. When purchasing through us, you’ll also get to take advantage of our free planning services to maximize your space, considering your square footage and headcount needs.


Our process is what sets us apart from other companies who offer similar recycled office cubicles. It starts with choosing only high quality used Haworth workstations and inspecting them thoroughly for defects. The steel frames in this product line are built to last, which is why we only use these for remanufactured cubicles. In fact, they are more durable than many current systems with wood frames. All of our recycled office cubicles are backed with the normal usage lifetime replacement and defect warranties. Rest assured that RECube cubicles are a quality product that will serve your office needs for years to come. 

bench style office cubiclesCustomization

Once the cubicles are stripped back to the frame, we re-build them to your specifications. Everything from the layout, fabric, and finishes can be customized to achieve the look you want. You can choose options such as partition height and storage that will work best for your employee needs. Overall, it’s same high-end custom design experience as purchasing new- but at a fraction of the cost. 

Easy Expansion

Have you ever found something you loved, but when you went back to buy more it was gone? RECube isn’t like a standard product line that could go out of production! In the case of office expansion, just come back to us for more RECube cubicles. We will match the design using the same frame for a seamless look, time and time again.

Environmentally Friendly

Green companies know that reusing is a great way to minimize their carbon footprint on the environment. Since office cubicles are typically one of the largest parts of any office, reusing in this area makes a huge difference! We use less raw materials during the remanufacturing process which conserves energy and natural resources. Remanufacturing also releases less VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the environment than a new build. Plus, utilizing RECube cubicles contributes to LEED design credits. Start the new year by taking your company’s environmental initiatives to the next level. 

Ready To Recycle?

We know that the options for office cubicles can seem overwhelming, but using a recycled product is a truly a smart choice. ROSI’s RECube product line is one of the best values you’ll find to outfit your office with quality, custom cubicles on sale now. Save $400 per station while supplies lastContact us today for a free, space planning consultation to discuss how RECube can work for your company.

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