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How To Choose Colors For Your Office Design


How To Choose Colors For Your Office Design

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How To Choose Colors For Office Design

Are you ready to design your brand-new office design? Does your existing office need a fresh new look? Congratulations are in order! Whether your office space is new or ready for a remodel, choosing your colors is an exciting venture. Need a place to start? Use this office design color guide to tackle the first step.

Understanding the Basics

choosing color for your office design graphicChoosing colors for your space is a fun and creative process. Colors can be used to express your individual taste, make the place “pop”, and give it your own special flare. While color selection is a liberating time to delight in your choices, using a few strategies can help you get the best results from your office design. How can you be sure which colors fit together? Become an expert in color pairings by using the ultimate color selection tool: the color wheel. You might remember seeing this colorful chart in grade school art classes. It is a timeless & powerful secret weapon for color selection. Use the color wheel below and follow these tricks to find your perfect color scheme:

  • Using two colors: Choose any two colors that fall directly across from each other on the wheel. The result will show you complementary colors, or colors that fit together without clashing. This method will provide a high-contrast color combo that will stand out in your office. Try selecting one color as your base and using the one directly across from it as an accent color to create a bright & balanced color scheme.
  • Using three colors: If your color scheme will include three colors, use any three that fall directly next to each other on the wheel. This method will provide you with a low contrast scheme full of similar complementary colors. Try this method for a gentler look in your office. Try using three different tints of the same color to create a smooth, matching office color scheme.
  • Four or more: To find a high-contrast color scheme that is bright, balanced, and uses multiple colors, try this trick: select colors on the wheel that are spaced equally apart from each other. Choosing four colors that are each one space apart will give you a bright multi-color scheme that won’t clash in your office.

Set Your Mood

Now that you’ve become an expert in complementary colors, it’s time to decide the effect you want your office to have on visitors. Your office design should match your culture; learn all you can about office design aesthetics. By using warm colors like shades of blue, green or purple, you will evoke calm and relaxation in your space. Choosing brighter schemes that include red, yellow, and orange is ideal for energizing your office. Consider the mood you want in the office for yourself, employees, clients, and customers. Be sure to align your color scheme with the feelings your space should evoke.

A Few Simple Tricks

If you want to play it safe and keep your office color selection simple yet bright, make a splash! Keep your office colors neutral and select one or two accent colors to splash around. Hang a brightly colored piece of art on a white wall to make it pop. Try using neutral colored office furniture in Houston and adding splashes of color with accent pillows. Place a brightly colored office chair in a muted room for a modern artistic vibe. Incorporate splashes of color into your fabrics, desk accessories, and wall art for simple yet striking pops of color.

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