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Why Private Cubicle Workstations Are Still A Good Idea


Why Private Cubicle Workstations Are Still A Good Idea

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Why Private Cubicle Workstations Are Still A Good Idea

With all the hype around the “open office,” you may be wondering if private cubicle workstations still have a place in the offices of today. The answer is YES! There are plenty of advantages to individual work areas. In fact, some or all of your employees might work better in a more private setting. 

woman in cubicle workstation smiling and standingMinimize Distraction

Most companies thrive when employees interact and collaborate with each other. However, sometimes it can be hard to block out distraction in an open office. Depending on the type of work you do, being able to focus completely on a task without interruption may be absolutely necessary. In fact, a recent study found that over 50% of high-performance employees say they need a private space to work. Too much distraction causes productivity to suffer. For the majority of employees, private workstations alleviate much of the distraction in the office. That’s not to say there isn’t any room for open discussion with coworkers. Consider using spaces like break rooms, lounges, and larger conference rooms when collaboration or teamwork is required. 

Healthy Work-Life Balance

In an office where everyone can see everyone else, there can be pressure to be the first one in and last one out. No one wants to be “caught” leaving early for their child’s ballet recital. Employees may feel on edge like they are being watched under a microscope. The pressure to appear productive all day can be overwhelming – leading to poor time management and frustration. Employees sitting close to management often try too hard to multitask to appear busy. This type of peer pressure can be subtle, but often negatively affects work-life balance. We know research shows that a healthy balance in this area actually increases productivity. It’s definitely a factor to consider when planning your office design. Employees in private cubicles are more able to keep their focus on the task at hand. They won’t be distracted by the comings and goings of coworkers or the pressure of being watched by their boss.

Reduce Stress

Combine too much distraction with peer pressure and you have a recipe for stressed-out employees. Studies show that just 3 hours of low-level noise exposure increased stress hormone in participants. Workers in noisy open offices also made less ergonomic adjustments to their workstations, leading to poor posture and musculoskeletal problems. Plus, chronic stress dampens the immune system. Over time these issues translate to lower productivity, sick days, and long term health problems like heart disease. Employees in more private cubicles are subject to less visual and noise distraction. 

In the era of open office, it’s important to remember that privacy should be a priority as well. Balance works best here, as in most areas of life and work. Not all employees are the same, and accommodating privacy needs will positively affect both the employee and the employer. Consider adding some private cubicle workstations to your layout as part of flexible office design. Contact ROSI today for a consultation to discuss how cubicles can work for your company.

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