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Modern Office Design Trends For Small Business


Modern Office Design Trends For Small Business

modern office design in lime green and metal

Modern Office Design Trends for Small Business

High-end modern office design trends: the phrase invokes the tantalizing vision of a posh, executive office fit for a true boss. A well-designed office represents luxury, success, and exclusivity. On-Trend, high-end office design is the penthouse suite of office spaces. Sounds out of reach, right? What if the gold-standard office trends are attainable on a small business budget? Read along to find out how to transform your small business into a modern, trendy executive palace without breaking the bank.

Get the Look of Luxury

Take a look around any modern offices and you’ll find a common factor that sets them apart from the rest: attractive luxurious material throughout the workspace. Some things you will definitely not see are outdated carpeting or bland beige desktops. Current trends in high-end offices include aesthetically pleasing features like glossy hardwood floors, white marble countertops, and even marble walls. As a result, these rich textures create a beautiful “jaw-drop” effect as soon as any guest steps foot into the office space.

But, transforming a small business into a cherrywood & marble palace is quite an expensive venture. The good news is, the same luxurious look is 100% attainable on a smaller budget.  By swapping out old carpets and surfaces for sleek laminate flooring and countertops, you can get the same effect of hardwood and marble for less than half the cost. Take your bargain to the next level by considering vinyl floor panels; they can provide a complete floor transformation for a very low cost.

demountable glass wallsMake it Sleek

Sleek, modern design is a popular trend in executive office décor. To stay on-trend, think polished and uncluttered. Many trendy offices incorporate a monochromatic office design to create a super-sleek look. Consider an all-white, gray or black design when selecting office furniture in Houston and desks. See-through office features are another increasingly popular trend. Glass desktops and partitions create a stylish and modern look that can upgrade any office space on a budget. For an extra trendy office, be sure to de-clutter all surfaces. High-End office space should be free of clutter and mismatched knick-knacks on countertops. See this helpful article for more tips on de-cluttering your office for a sleeker look.

Stay on Trend

We’ve covered the basics of transforming the small business workspace into a fashionable office while staying on budget. The key is to maintain your office design by keeping up with beneficial office trends. Recently, multipurpose office design has become the “it” style. Bland stationary workspaces are no longer included in any trendy offices. The trend is versatility and balance. Incorporating popular features like moveable walls provides style, versatility, and openness in the office.

Another affordable and popular trend in modern office design is “Going green”. Biophilic design (AKA greenery throughout the office) is a chic, gorgeous and extraordinarily trendy addition to any office. Adding indoor plants, walls of greenery, office-grown herbs, and stylish potted microgreens are healthy & affordable ways to give the office some serious style.

With these tips, you can transform your office into a gorgeous, functional workspace while sticking to your budget. If you need help, we’re here. Our space planning and design are complimentary for clients with a minimum spend. Contact us or call us for details at 281-886-0013.

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