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Biophilic Office: Herbs You Can Grow At Your Desk


Biophilic Office: Herbs You Can Grow At Your Desk

Biophilic Office: Herbs You Can Grow At Your Desk

We’re right in the heart of summer, which means it’s peak season for all of those fresh vegetables and herbs. There are so many benefits to having a biophilic office, so why not do a little bit of gardening yourself? Believe it or not there are herbs that grow well indoors!


Versatile and hardy, this herb makes a great addition to any edible garden. It’s beautiful, with its bold green leaves and evergreen-like quality. Fortunately it also grows well indoors, especially if you have a south facing window. The powerful aroma also acts as a natural air freshener. Take a few sprigs home with you for some roasted potatoes or chicken.


A classic summer staple, parsley is one of those herbs that I can’t get enough of. Can you have too much parsley? In my opinion, no. It brightens up every dish even in small quantities, but tastes fantastic as a major player in dishes like tabouleh. To grow inside, use a deep pot and shoot for at least 5 hours of sunlight a day. If you’re serious about office gardening, you can also use a grow light.


Their mild onion flavor makes them a great choice to top most any dish. Chives are easy to grow, prolific, and don’t require much natural light. Cut 1/3 off the top to stimulate growth and use in your favorite dishes. Eggs, biscuits or mashed potatoes come to mind.

Consider preserving your harvest as part of a compound herb butter. Soften a stick of butter (1/2cup) and mix in 3-4 tablespoons of fresh chopped herbs, salt, and pepper to taste. Form into a log with butcher paper and twist the ends to seal. Refrigerate or freeze and use as a base for sauteing or finishing food. Herb butters also make great gifts!

Taking a few minutes of your day to tend to your office herb garden will improve your mood, productivity, AND your dinner.



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