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Top Ways To Support Employee Wellness


Top Ways To Support Employee Wellness

Top Ways To Support Employee Wellness

A recent study discovered that most office employees are less active than a typical retiree! How can that be possible? Well, 40+ hours a week at a desk is a great way to start down that path. Companies are learning they need to do more to support employee wellness.

FitBit Challenge

This is one of the most common ways to get your employees thinking about their daily movement. It’s not enough to just issue the wristbands and call it a day. Create fun challenges that keep people motivated. Individual or team competitions for prizes really make a difference!

Health Lottery

This is a great way to work with your insurance provider to keep employees healthy. Many insurers like to see yearly physicals as a way to benchmark how healthy their population is. Some even offer discounts to members who voluntarily take these preventative measures. Enter all your employees that get their regular health screens into a lottery for prizes.

Fitness Classes

There are a few ways to execute this option. Some companies have enough space and flexible work hours to offer fitness classes on site during the work day. Admittedly, this is pretty rare but a great idea for those who always have excuses to skip the gym. Another option is to have a small gym on site that can be used anytime before, during, or after work. If space is really an issue, or your type of business doesn’t lend itself to long breaks during the day, consider contributing towards a gym membership.

Healthy Snacks

This is such a simple idea, but it will make a huge impact! You may already have a vending machine or stocked fridge on site. Replace all of the bags of chips, candy, etc, with healthier options. Get a nice coffee machine and an assortment of tea. Ditch the soda machine in favor of flavored water.

There are a lot of ways to encourage movement at work, and most of them are very budget friendly. Think of it as an investment – healthier employees are more productive, miss less time at work, and feel more satisfied with their jobs. These are all benefits to your bottom line! Implement some of these ideas at your office and get moving!

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