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The Benefits of Biophilic Office Design


The Benefits of Biophilic Office Design

The Benefits of Biophilic Office Design

Biophilia is the area of science that explores the human connection to nature. Of course, it isn’t groundbreaking news that we love being in nature. But can it actually improve our well-being at work? Research says YES!

What is Biophilic Office Design?

The premise of biophilic office design is that we bring nature indoors, into the office. Anything from adding live plants (even animals!) to increasing the amount of natural light qualifies.

Sadly, the average American spends 93% of their life inside. Does that shock you? Between work and responsibilities at home, it’s easy to see where that time goes. But, having access to live plants has a strong, positive effect on us. Studies show that companies that utilize biophilic office design have lower employee turnover and sickness absence rates. Simply put, plants reduce stress and improve job performance. It’s similar to painting your office green, except the effects are even more enhanced.

The benefits don’t just affect employees. Adding natural elements to your retail space increases the amount of time customers spend in your store.

Many companies feel that incorporating this type of design is a luxury they can’t afford. Research actually proves that this is a worthy investment that pays for itself. One study conducted at a call center concluded that employees with windows and views handled calls 6-7% faster than those with no views. The cost for adding those windows was about $1000/employee, but the productivity savings per employee was close to $3000 over the year. That’s real, measurable data!

What if your space doesn’t have great views? You can still take advantage of the benefits of biophilic office design. Features like living walls, aquariums, or even atriums if you have the height, are all great options. Adding some plants to your desk will still have an impact.

Take some steps to improve your daily view at work with a little nature – you won’t be sorry!


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