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How Your Office Culture Can Help You Keep Your Top Performers


How Your Office Culture Can Help You Keep Your Top Performers

How Your Office Culture Can Help You Keep Your Top Performers

What do you really need to offer your employees to keep them around long term? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Office culture is a big reason people stay – and leave – a workplace. Here’s how to make yours irreplaceable.


People want to feel like what they are doing serves a purpose. Whatever type of work it is, make sure your employees know why their piece is important to the larger whole. Have them meet the people they are affecting or see the end product of their labor. Doing this will actually boost productivity and job satisfaction.


A contributing factor to high turnover rates is the fact that employees feel management has no interest in understanding or listening to them. Everyone has a basic need to feel heard, and this extends to the workplace as well. One way to accomplish this is by encouraging regular feedback.


When people do a good job, they want to be acknowledged – so tell them! Employees that receive regular praise are more productive and have highly loyalty scores, according to a recent Gallup poll. Affirmation comes in many forms, and even just verbal praise goes a long way! Consider a public acknowledgement as well in a newsletter or email.


If you value your employees, don’t leave them in the dark. Communicate expectations, changes, and feedback on performance. Don’t surprise someone with new information during a yearly review or a sudden management shift.


Yes, attention. Humans are wired to form bonds, even at work. Emotional connection has a large impact on job satisfaction and whether someone decides to leave a job. Take interest in your employees and show them you care. Meet regularly to talk about progress, goals, and anything management can do to facilitate those needs. Help them develop their skills and invest in them for the long term.

Take these simple, but effective concepts into your office culture and watch them work. Recruit and keep your top performers with a stellar office culture that keeps employees engaged in their work.

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