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Developing a Feedback Based Office Culture


Developing a Feedback Based Office Culture

Developing a Feedback-Based Office Culture

It seems as though you’re asked for feedback in almost every area of your life. You get surveys at the end of your shopping receipt and comment cards at restaurants and hotels. Even the apps on your phone ask for ratings. But, how often are you asked for feedback at your job? How often are you given feedback? Shouldn’t regular feedback be part of your office culture?

Regularly and Often

Most companies already have an annual review process, typically tied to a raise or promotion conversation. However, this isn’t enough to really qualify as a feedback based culture.

A successful office encourages a culture of feedback at every level of the hierarchy, and not just at prescribed moments.

Yes, not just at prescribed moments. That means your annual review is not the time to discuss an entire year’s worth of successes and grievances. The goal is to create a comfortable dialogue between peers of sharing feedback, even on a daily basis. This makes a huge impact on how the office operates.

More Engaged Employees

Studies support the value of feedback at the office. Roughly 40% of employees feel disengaged at work due to little or no feedback. Over 80% of employees appreciate both positive and negative feedback. What can you do to start building your feedback culture?

Start Slowly

Implementing a slew of new policies isn’t the best way to approach this issue. After all, there is a fine balance between giving feedback and micromanaging. It’s best to be transparent – share your vision for a back-and-forth dialogue. Acknowledge that negative feedback can be hard to hear and people may be defensive. When you do need to mention something, ask first if someone is open to constructive criticism, and then always discuss things in private.

It’s human nature to gravitate towards positive feedback (or people who view you positively) and shy away from the negative. Gradually introduce more opportunities for discussion so you’re better able to navigate tough situations. Plus, you’ll be able to see if a certain approach is working or not. Over time, feedback will become an integral part of your office culture, and everyone will benefit.

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