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Ergonomic Office Accessories You Need When Working On A Laptop


Ergonomic Office Accessories You Need When Working On A Laptop

ergonomic office accessories

Ergonomic Office Accessories You Need When Working On A Laptop

Everyone loves the convenience of being able to take a laptop anywhere, and it seems more and more employees are using them as their primary computer at the office as well. While it might be nice to have the portability of a laptop for work, it’s important to invest in key ergonomic accessories to make it safe and comfortable to use full time.

Risks of Laptop Use

It’s probably benign to sit at a coffee shop for an hour or so on your laptop sending off emails or perusing social media. But, when it comes to a full 8-hour workday, a laptop alone will have your neck and back aching in no time. The ugly truth is that laptops are not ergonomically safe. They were only designed for portability, as a temporary traveling solution to a desktop.

The major issue with full-time laptop use is that the screen and keyboard are not separate – leaving you unable to adjust both to the proper position.

Long term consequences of incorrect posture due to laptop use include:
  • Back and neck strain
  • Eye strain
  • Wrist fatigue
  • Other chronic musculoskeletal issues like carpal tunnel syndrome

To eliminate the risks of laptop use, you must separate the display from the keyboard!

proper seated position in an ergonomic officeSo, what can you do to make your laptop more ergonomic?

Ergonomic Task Chair

The foundation of any ergonomic set up is a good chair. An ergonomic chair should have multiple adjustments like seat height, tilt, lumbar support, and arm height. Global’s Offices To Go seating includes top ergonomic adjustment features at an affordable price. Offices To Go (OTG) seating is one of the most popular choices.

Get A Keyboard

Perhaps the simplest option to make your laptop more ergonomic is to use a separate keyboard. Use a laptop stand or shelf to elevate the screen to eye level and adjust your chair so that your keyboard is at elbow height. Remember to keep your wrists straight while typing and resist the temptation to let them rest on the keyboard.

If you need to save valuable worktop space or don’t have a lot of room for a keyboard, consider an under-mount keyboard tray for your desk. Don’t forget to adjust your seat and display height appropriately!

Add A Monitor 

This is a great solution, especially if you need or want a larger display size. For full adjustability, use a monitor arm as offered in the Productivity Solutions™ line by Global. Dual and quad arms are available for more than one monitor. If you have a standing desk or a sit-to-stand desk, a monitor arm helps you easily adjust the height of your display to eye level whether you’re sitting or standing. Monitor arms are also a space saving product since your monitor floats just above the desk.

If you’re a full-time laptop user, definitely consider making some of these ergonomic changes to your desk. Laptops are certainly convenient but don’t sacrifice your health in the name of portability. Adding a few accessories will drastically make a difference in your comfort level while using your laptop at work. 

If you want help with your ergonomic office setup, contact us today for a free ergonomic analysis.

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