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Why Your Company Needs Structured Cabling


Why Your Company Needs Structured Cabling

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Why Your Company Needs Structured Cabling

Your company has grown. Congratulations! It’s important to keep up with this growth through proper structured cabling. Why, you ask? You may not realize it but structured cabling is THE vital pipeline on which your company depends to execute all its voice and data transmissions.  In today’s world, communication is fast and expectations are high. Your telecommunications infrastructure (voice, video and data) needs to be top notch!  

Building a structured cabling system is a unique task.  It is safe to say that since each design depends on a unique set of variables, no two are alike. Your particular structured cabling system is dependent on the office building, equipment needs and the needs of the business.

Why is structured cabling is so important to your business?  

Faster Transmission

You’ll want data to move as fast as it can. Our experts can recommend the right pipelines for your data transmissions.

Consolidated Wiring

Too many wiring systems can be a headache. Structured cabling will combine your wiring systems into a single infrastructure that transfers data in multiple formats. This flexibility also makes the system easy to dismantle and move to a new location if needed.

Less Noise

You can achieve noise resistance through a proper structured cabling system. No one wants static or a poor connection during phone conversations. Noise can also corrupt data transmissions.  Excessive noise will slow down a system because it has to resend corrupt data repeatedly. 

Lower Maintenance Cost

Having a properly installed and carefully marked cable structure can make it faster to identify a problem. Downtime equates to lost revenue. When the system requires changes, they can occur in a faster, more efficient way, with minimal disruption.

Why would you call ROSI Office Systems for structured cabling projects?

Voice, Video and Data Cabling Services include:

Fiber Optic Cabling Installation

ROSI knows fiber optic components, systems and installation processes. They are also knowledgeable about standards, codes and any other local regulations.

Copper Infrastructure Cabling

ROSI knows Cat 5e/Cat 6 and how to expand voice and data networks using existing network infrastructure.

Video Cabling

ROSI knows your audio and visual presentations need to be sharp. Distractions from poor reception can overshadow the message. ROSI uses the best video and audio cables to support your electronics, and bring your presentations to life.

Safety & Observation

ROSI knows that your surveillance and security system is in place to protect your employees and assets. Without the proper wiring and cable installation to meet your system needs, your business may be at risk. ROSI will design a structured cabling plan for your security system that helps to protect your business.

Cable Service & Repair

Cabling problems can take your business offline. ROSI offers immediate response for data cabling issues to get you running again same day.

A company’s cabling infrastructure is an important part of any business. If you want a simplified system with room to grow, one that maximizes functionality and saves your business both time and money, structured cabling is the way. If you think about everything structured cabling provides—voice, data, audio and visual—the power of expertly laid out and installed cabling is imperative to your success.

Want to learn more about cat 5e/cat 6, fiber optic, RG-6 and more structured cabling options? Please contact us to discuss your cabling project.

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