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The Contemporary Low Wall Office Cubicle is Gaining Popularity | Modern Office Cubicles from ROSI


Modern Office Cubicles: The Contemporary Low Wall Office Cubicle Is Gaining Popularity

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The Contemporary Low Wall Office Cubicle Is Gaining Popularity

Modern office cubicles are the future.

Mention the words “office cubicle” and an image of a lifeless gray fabric square box pops into your head. Fortunately, today’s office cubicle is anything but lifeless and gray.

Today, the contemporary low wall office cubicle is highly sought after.  In fact, it’s becoming one of the most popular workspace systems used in the office.

Office cubicles with low walls give employees a better line of sight.  A lower wall opens the workspace up to better light resulting in a much less claustrophobic feeling. The nice height also lends itself to easier coworker collaboration.  Not to mention how great they look!  Today’s contemporary low wall office cubicles are available in a variety of colors, sizes, materials, and configurations!

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Benefits of Modern Office Cubicles

In addition, these modern office cubicles have a lot of other great benefits, like increased productivity, sustainability, and more.

Increase Productivity

modern office cubicles with two chairs

A low wall cubicle is roughly 42 inches tall, which is low enough to allow you to see your fellow cube mates.

The benefit of a low wall cubicle is a coworker’s ability to talk to someone without having to stand up or walk around.

This can promote idea generation and quick responses to questions, thus increasing productivity.

Help With Impromptu Meetings

modern office cubicle with curvy desk and rolly chair

Peninsula tops are work surfaces that connect between two cubicles, creating a peninsula or a U-shape. They have distinct curves to them and are a great option for anyone looking for more modern office cubicles.

This U-shaped area is great for impromptu meetings and interaction. You can display your project or have other coworkers join you to discuss an idea.

No need to schedule a meeting and move into a room – just take care of it right there.

Use Space More Efficiently

grey low wall cubicle with apple macbook

A low wall cubicle takes up far less space than the old-fashioned cubicle from the ’90s.

They are custom-designed to fit any size office, no matter how irregular the space may be. You don’t have to worry about any wasted real estate.

And at the end of the day, they make it easy to pop on over to ask your coworker a question without even having to get up out of your seat!

Give Workers More Sound Control

modern office cubicles with yellow sound partitions and a laptop with a coffee mug

With an open office plan, visual and auditory distractions impede focused work productivity.

It’s hard to concentrate and interruptions are abundant. A nice up-to-date low wall office cubicle could be the easy remedy.

When needed, use a partition to control noise coming from your neighbor’s office cubicle.

Promote Sustainability

modern office cubicles with pink art

Low wall office cubicles are available as remanufactured units, saving money as well as the environment.

Remanufactured cubicles (REcube) are completely re-built using the existing framework.

New high-end fabric, paint, and trim is then attached to the remanufactured cubicles creating a product that is essentially a new cubicle at half the price!

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Modern Office Cubicles: The Contemporary Low Wall Office Cubicle Is Gaining Popularity | ROSI Office Systems, Inc. – Houston, TX

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