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The Must Haves For An Executive Office Cubicle


The Must Haves For An Executive Office Cubicle

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The Must Haves For An Executive Office Cubicle

The trend of executives moving out of corner offices and into office cubicles is growing.  If the CEO’s goal is to make sure that everyone knows he or she is part of the team, then sitting in an executive office cubicle is a great way to show that. As an executive, you will not be shut away behind an office door.  You’ll be able to hear things that you wouldn’t when stuck inside of a corporate suite. Being in an office cubicle gives you a strong dose of reality.

Why executive office cubicles work:

  • Boosts team morale and collaboration by letting leaders set the tone through their example.
  • Makes executives approachable, ensuring employees bring good ideas to their attention.
  • Helps the CEO keep his or her finger on the pulse of the workforce.
  • Creates an atmosphere of equality.

Not Just Another Office Cubicle

Of course, being the boss does have its perks.  And an office cubicle is no exception. Here are some must haves for the executive office cubicle space:

Natural Light

Being centrally located seems like the logical choice for a leader who wants to stay in close touch with the workforce. Yet, the prized location for executive cubicles is around the perimeter. Here, there’s more privacy and perhaps even access to natural daylight and a nice view.


Why settle for a 6×6 cubicle when you can have a roomy 8×10? A CEO has at least earned a little elbowroom and maybe a nice wood finish work surface. As long as the bigger cube is the same brand as everyone else’s, execs can still say they work in an office cubicle just like their employees.

Side Office Chairs

To be fair, an executive may need a bigger office cubicle to ensure there’s enough space for extra office chairs to seat employees and visitors. Of course, the execs would still need to use an empty meeting room for one-on-one conversations of a sensitive nature.


Dual monitors, monitor arms, adjustable height desk, and a nice comfortable office chair are sure to find a home in an executive office cubicle.

If you’re ready to make a change in office design, we’re ready to help. ROSI Office Systems has provided Houston and surrounding areas with complete office solutions since 1993. That is over twenty years of great office furniture in Houston with exemplary customer service always included.

Give us a chance to make you one of our satisfied customers. If you are in the market for office cubicles in the Houston area, but don’t want to break the bank, we’re confident we can help you with everything you need from designing to installing your cubicles. Contact us today for a free consultation. We are looking forward to working with you!

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