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Redesign Your Office Space With Movable Modular Walls


Redesign Your Office Space With Movable Modular Walls

ROSI Office Systems

Redesign Your Office Space With Movable Modular Walls

The redesign of your office space can be fast, easy and affordable with flexible modular wall systems.  Highly functional partitions can serve as office walls to address the backlash of noisy open office spaces.  The sound absorbing custom panels can move to conform to any space.

ROSI Office Systems

Modular office partition walls are inexpensive compared to standard construction methods.  They can also adapt. They can reconfigure, as your company’s needs change.

ROSI Office Systems

Modular walls make separating offices easy and they can be integrated with electrical and data.

ROSI Office System

These walls are so adaptable. Use them in an office or even to divide off the construction site in an airport. Try them as a backdrop during a meeting; the soft but strong cloth is ideal for pinning notes and posters to. They can be custom manufactured with a variety of styles, colors, options and heights to suit almost any application.

Modular Wall Benefits

  • Flexible – No need to call the carpenter, electrician, drywall guys, painters and carpet company every time you need to rearrange the office. Modular walls change when you change and go where you want them to go.
  • Minimal Down Time – Arrange modular walls overnight.  They begin serving their new purpose the next business day, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Affordable – Since you no longer need to have a half dozen tradesmen answer the call every time you want to move a wall you also no longer receive the bills that came with them. And, your business no longer suffers the disruptions that come with demolition and construction. Your savings are clear.
  • Environmental Friendly – Save the waste, no trips to the landfill with old drywall. With modular wall systems your new office will not generate any waste products. A big environmental plus.
  • Aesthetic Integration – Today’s modular walls come in a wide variety of designs, materials and textures.  You’ll always find a look that will blend in with your established business aesthetic.
  • More Options – Add Built-in white boards and tack boards to your modular walls. They can accommodate electrical, Internet and HVAC utility lines making modern architectural wall systems fully functional.

When you are ready for your next office redesign, contact ROSI Office Systems.  Our goal is to create incredible workspaces that boost productivity while upgrading the look of your office environment.  Send us your room dimensions or a floor plan to get started building your new workspace, today.


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