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Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line With Ergonomic Workspaces from AMQ


Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line With Ergonomic Workspaces from AMQ

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Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line With Ergonomic Workspaces from AMQ

Ergonomic workspaces can help your employees feel their best and may even help improve your bottom line. Ergonomic workspaces improve employee productivity by limiting the stress and strain they experience during a typical workday. Office furniture from AMQ, a ROSI Office Systems manufacturer, makes it easy to improve ergonomics while also improving the aesthetic design of your office. AMQ has everything from benching-style workstations to monitor arms and keyboard trays plus sit-to-stand height-adjustable tables and ergonomic seating.

ACTIV Sit-to Stand Benching

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Thanks to the growing importance of ergonomic office furniture in Houston, height adjustability is becoming one of the most important trends for the contemporary workplace. ACTIV benches enable you to program many heights, enabling quick and easy adjustments.

ACTIV Sit-to-Stand Tables

ROSI Office Systems

These tables are freestanding. They move silently up and down in a few seconds with the touch of a button. It also features an LED touchscreen and four memory presets to make height transitions quick and easy. Privacy screens can attach to the workstation for more acoustic sound control. These sit-to-stand tables are quiet, stylish, and easy to use.

SITU Nesting Chairs

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AMQ nesting chairs are perfect for all training, conference and group settings. With supportive mesh back, soft castors, sturdy armrests and plush cushion seats, there is no denying this chair is comfortable. There are many colors to choose from and they all nest together in a nice space-saving design.

Monitor Arms

ROSI Office Systems

AMQ monitor arms are designed for ergonomic open plans, allowing each user to personalize their workstation for greatest comfort. Smooth, intuitive adjustments are easy with spring loaded, ultra-slim articulating arms and vertical tilt. Arms have integrated cable management and mount onto all standard work surfaces.




Keyboard Trays

ROSI Office Systems

AMQ keyboard arms have a mouse platform and are designed to fit all ACTIV sit-to-stand tables and benching systems.  Innovative and affordable, it includes Lift-N-Lock™ height adjustment, dial tilt and separate height and tilt gauges.

If you would like help designing an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing workspace, contact the office furniture experts at ROSI Office Systems. No matter the size and scope of your office furniture requirements, you can rest assured that ROSI has the ideal solution. And, whether you need hundreds of ergonomic workstations or just a small number of ergonomic office chairs, we’ll provide individualized service. Contact us for more information and a FREE space planning session.

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