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What's The Story With A Monitor Arm, Anyway?


What’s The Story With A Monitor Arm, Anyway?

What’s The Story With A Monitor Arm, Anyway?

Once upon a time there was a girl who didn’t use a Monitor Arm, instead she used a pile of shoe boxes to get her monitor at just the right ergonomic height. Shocking! Disturbing! If this sounds like a great introduction to your next horror novella, you may be right. Suffering from neck and back pain is terrible – in fact, it’s a nightmare. Having your monitor at the right height is the only way you will rid yourself of the horrors of neck and back pain.

Every office desk can benefit from a monitor arm but if you’ve just purchased an adjustable height desk or standing desk and adjustable keyboard tray then a monitor arm is an absolute must. A monitor arm allows you to adjust your monitor to the optimal viewing position for either standing or sitting. You can opt to get a solo monitor arm for those of you with one monitor, and a dual monitor arm for those of you who are spoiled with the luxury of TWO monitors.

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Additional benefits of using a Monitor Arm:

Adjustable! Basically, an adjustable monitor arm will allow you to adjust the height, depth and in most cases, the angle of your monitor to get it at the healthiest and most comfortable position for your body. It can even rotate around 360 degrees!

No Clutter! A clutter free work area is key to productivity. You can easily maximize the space on your office desk without a clunky monitor taking up valuable real estate.

Versatile! Rather than stacking up a bunch of boxes on your office desk to lift your monitor to the perfect height (which believe me, doesn’t work), an adjustable monitor arm allows for flexibility. This is especially important if you are sharing your workspace with others. The arm can easily adjust to meet individual needs.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are even more reasons why you need a monitor arm. No matter which monitor arm you choose, you will enjoy extra space at your desk and the health benefits they provide.

ROSI Office Systems, with locations in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, Texas, can help you equip your office with ergonomic office accessories, furniture and solutions to help your employees enjoy comfort while you enjoy their productivity.  Contact us today and we’ll help take you through a needs analysis process and then provide you with a proposal for best-in-class office furniture in Houston, accessories and design solutions.



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