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5 Reasons Why You Need a Monitor Arm


5 Reasons Why You Need a Monitor Arm

5 Reasons Why You Need a Monitor Arm

When talking about office cubicle ergonomics, most people think solely about adjusting the lumbar of their office chair or repositioning the height of their adjustable desk.  But if you are truly thinking about the benefits of ergonomics, you must not overlook using a monitor arm for your computer monitor. Monitor arms enable users to maintain neutral position of their shoulders, neck and back by allowing them to position their computer screen in the perfect location and angle for their height and the type of task they are performing.

Take a look at this video from Global, demonstrating how a a double extension monitor arm with height-adjustment moves.

If you are still uncertain how you would benefit from using it, take a look at these 5 reasons why you need a monitor arm:

1.  You suffer from neck strain:

A monitor arm will allow you to adjust the height, depth and angle of your monitor to get it at the healthiest and most comfortable position. Your monitor should be placed approximately an arm’s length away, with the top of the monitor tilted slightly away from you. You shouldn’t have to look up or down to see your screen, and your neck should be relaxed. Having your monitor positioned correctly will help you avoid neck and eyestrain as well as shoulder pain and poor posture.

2.  You need to adjust your monitor configuration frequently:

Beyond just the standard monitor arm adjustments, like height, depth, and angle, many monitor arms also allow you to quickly and easily switch from landscape to portrait mode or to quickly adjust dual monitors from a side-by-side configuration to stacked one over the other, both in portrait mode, both in landscape mode, or one of each. Monitor arms allow you to customize your workstation and working style.

3.  Your desk is cluttered:

A monitor arm will get your monitor up and off your desk, freeing up valuable real estate to spread out your worksheets, binders, reference material and your most important item, your coffee cup.

4.  You collaborate with others:  

A monitor arm will rotate easily enabling users to share their computer screen during collaboration sessions or when conducting customer meetings.

5.  You use an adjustable-height desk:

 If you have an adjustable height desk, you need to be able to adjust your monitor to the optimal viewing position for either standing or sitting. Depending on your workstation setup, you may find it necessary to make a slight adjustment to your monitor as you move from standing to sitting and back again. A monitor arm makes it easy to tweak the angle, height, or depth of your monitor.

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