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14 Star Wars Desk Accessories to Bring the Force to Your Cubicle


14 Star Wars Desk Accessories to Bring the Force to Your Cubicle

14 Star Wars Desk Accessories to Bring the Force to Your Cubicle

One of the most anticipated movies in our household is easily Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This seventh movie has my husband and sons (ages 10 and 6) frothing at the mouth, binge watching episodes I-VI and anticipation grows with each new trailer as it’s released. I marvel at the salesmanship.  The movie is already a blockbuster and we are still a month away from anyone even being able to watch it.  Disney is marketing the Star Wars franchise like a machine. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a BB-8 figurine (a favorite in our household). It’s amazing, it’s incredible and it’s contagious. Everyone wants to be included in the frenzy.  Even Star Wars desk accessories have been created to captivate Star Wars fans of any age.

Check out these 14 Star Wars desk accessories by Brit and Co that will be the water cooler talk of the entire office.


1. Star Wars Tattoo Flash Makeup Case ($7): Store your lightsabers (or pens) in this makeup case turned pencil carrier, featuring a gorgeous tattoo flash design.



2. Star Wars Bookmark Paperclips ($9): It doesn’t matter if you carry a green, blue or red lightsaber: These paper clips are popular on both sides of the galaxy. Each set includes six clips that can hold up to 30 pages.



3. Redeem Come True Battery Pack in R2-D2 ($30): Recharge your electronics (and USB-capable galaxy gear) with this R2-D2-inspired portable battery pack. It’s also available in a lightsaber pattern.



4. Vinyl Record Clock Star Wars ($39): This epic battle was one of the best father-son fights of all time. Eco-friendly and hipster-chic, this one-of-a-kind upcycled masterpiece can hang above your desk in a cinematic freezeframe.



5. AT-AT Star Wars Bookends Bookends ($45): These beautiful bookends, made by Moku Shop, will transport you to a galaxy far, far away in no time.



6. Star Wars Weekly Theme Sticker Set ($4): Decorate your planner for the premier of Episode VII with this ultra cute sticker set. Although they are designed to fit the Erin Condren vertical planner layout perfectly, almost any planner will work!



7. iHome Death Star Speaker ($65): This officially-licensed Star Wars Death Star replica (from Episode IV) happens to play your fave tunes in high-def sound. To our knowledge, it wasn’t made by the Imperial Empire, but we suggest being careful nevertheless.



8. R2-D2 Desk Vacuum ($23): Beep, boop, boop, beep. This R2-D2-inspired desk vacuum will clean up all the mess on your desk. Powered by a USB cable, R2-D2’s third arm acts as a powerful vacuum for pencil shavings and more.



9. Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case ($20): For those who take business card storage seriously, this carbonite solution is just the case you’re looking for. Made from metal and spring loaded, it’s the perfect thing to impress potential clients and colleagues from around the galaxy.



10. Star Wars Pencils ($14): Do, or do not. There is no try. The most quotable film in the galaxy is now at your fingertips. Made in Texas, these fun and iconic phrases are printed onto classic No. 2 pencils for the original in all of us.


11. A Girl and Her AT Decal ($26): So your apartment doesn’t allow pets. Dress up your desk with this super adorable little girl AT-AT decal in neon pink.



12. Pop! BB-8 Bobble Head ($13): December 18 can’t come fast enough. Keep your desk relevant until then with this exclusive Star Wars Episode VII BB-8 figurine.



13. Star Wars Lightsaber Pen ($7): This lightsaber pen is a force to be reckoned with. We suggest breaking it out at work whenever you need an extra hand.



14. 18 months Star Wars Planner ($17): In commemoration of the upcoming film, Moleskine is introducing a new line of journals, planners and notebooks inspired by the franchise. The gang’s all here! Just choose your favorite cover, silkscreened with one of six characters: R2-D2, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Darth Vader or a stormtrooper.

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