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A Clean Desk Makes You Productive


A Clean Desk Makes You Productive

A Clean Desk Makes You Productive

Feeling like you just can’t multi-task the way you use to? In the middle of responding to an email, you spot the half-finished report that’s due in half an hour—but you also have a meeting starting in five minutes. Oh, and the agenda for that meeting? Buried in the stack of papers on your desk that’s begging to be organized. Once you begin one task, another distracts you, and a few hours down the road, you really haven’t accomplished a whole lot. Sound familiar?

The culprit? Your age? Your workload? No….it’s your desk. If your workspace isn’t optimized, it can actually hurt your productivity. So to make sure you have a clean desk, reference this list to create a more productive work environment:

  • Choose an object you love. If you are allowed personal items on your desk, decorate it with a photo, calendar, a drawing from your kid, or a small souvenir that holds a good memory and makes you feel positive.
  • Control cords. Use cord organizers or twist ties to organize your computer and peripheral cods, and keep them untangled and out of the way.
  • Keep important items close. Only keep on your desk things that you need frequently such as pens and office supplies.
  • Dust and organize. At least once a week, dust off your desk; clean your computer keyboard (who doesn’t love to play with that can of air!) and remove unnecessary items.
  • Tame paper. Read, file, shred or recycle everything that lands on your desk before the end of the day. Avoid printing out or accumulating unnecessary papers.

If you need more organizational inspiration beyond a clean desk, make sure to read our ROSI Office Systems blog on the importance of general Office Organization.

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