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Choosing the Right Cubicle Height


Choosing the Right Cubicle Height

Choosing the Right Cubicle Height

Did you know that cubicles come in all shapes, sizes AND colors to match your office needs? The options are so varied; it starts to sound a bit like a Dr. Seuss nursery rhyme. Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones….. There are so many things to consider when shopping for office cubicles. You have to contemplate your office layout, the work environment you want to create and whether or not to save money with refurbished panels. But, surprisingly, one of the more important decisions to make has to do with your cubicle wall height. Here are a few things to help you choose the right cubicle height.

If you want a more open work environment, select low cubicle walls that allow for easy communication between employees. They also allow light to flow through an office, giving it a bigger feeling. Low cubicle walls are great for an office trying to create a collaborative workspace for its employees while creating a great flow in an office. Some businesses simply don’t need large cubicles or a lot of privacy in order to accomplish the work that they are doing. And in the instance of call centers, it’s important to keep cube walls low so that supervisors can have a nice line of site to their employees.

So, conversely – high cubicle walls are great for creating privacy and blocking out noise. They can facilitate better concentration because there is less distraction in the employees’ immediate surroundings. They are also great at cancelling out excess noise if your employees are doing a lot of work on their phones. High cubicle walls also give a sense of privacy, and create a feeling of ownership of space for each person. There is room to tack up pictures, put up a whiteboard to make notes, hang a calendar, and really personalize the space.

Once you choose a cubicle wall height, this will give you a better idea of the layout that will work best for your employees.  If you think you need even more guidance on selecting the right set of cubicles, check out our buyer’s guide.

If you need even more help making the right decision – contact us!  ROSI Office Systems, Inc., the top provider of cubicles in Houston, Austin and San Antonio provides complete office solutions including our own remanufactured cubicle brand, ReCube, new cubicles, open office work stations, office furniture casegoods and data cabling. ROSI also provides FREE space planning. Contact ROSI today for a new office design that is productive and engaging.

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