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Can Office Cubicles Be Collaborative?


Can Office Cubicles Be Collaborative?

Can Office Cubicles Be Collaborative?

Collaborative, open office designs are increasing in popularity. If you’re one of many companies with office cubicles and without the budget to upgrade to an open office space all is not lost. There are several easy and affordable ways to make your office full of cubicles more collaborative. Check out these out:

1. Decrease office cubicle wall height.

Standard cubicles over the past 30 years consisted of high walls, typically 67 inches. By taking the walls down to 53 inches, 47 inches high, the office space will open up considerably allowing employees an opportunity to open up their visual space. Adding glass panels to these lower walls will open up the existing office cubicles even further and allow more natural light into work spaces. Decreasing office cubicle wall height will also welcome communication within work areas.

2. Add more meeting space.

Throw out the conference room schedule book. Or, keep it, but add more informal spaces for those impromptu collaborative meetings that began from simple conversations. If you have just one meeting space, you are losing out on collaborative opportunities that have an expansive impact on your business. It’s not the office cubicle that quells collaboration, it’s the lack of meeting space. We like the Kalyde furniture by Safco Products to create informal gathering spots. Be sure to add outlets and charging stations to your meeting spaces.

Kalyde furniture from Safco Products

3. Don’t over do it.

Maybe you haven’t heard but open offices are creating some backlash. It stems from the fact that a balance was not struck in the design. For instance, if an open office does not include areas where privacy can be found, it leads to higher stress and less productivity. There are moments when work calls for collaboration and moments when a quiet environment is necessary. Make sure you provide both to your employees. The office cubicle continues to maintain a great reputation for privacy so keeping your cubicles but adding in collaborative spaces could be the answer you are looking for.

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