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3 Reasons To Add Glass Panels To Your Office Cubicle Installation


3 Reasons To Add Glass Panels To Your Office Cubicle Installation

3 Reasons To Add Glass Panels To Your Office Cubicle Installation

You’ve watched the open office trend, but aren’t sure you’re ready to knock down those cubicle walls on your upcoming project? Adding a glass panel to the upper portion of a cubicle will do wonders for your office environment.  It can be subtle changes that encourage collaboration and teamwork. Below are the top THREE reasons to add glass panels to your next cubicle installation.

1) Glass panels open up the office

Adding a glass top panel to office cubicles allows co-workers to quickly see if someone is available for a discussion regarding a project, or for an important question that is stalling their progress. Without the glass, an employee must get out of their seat, walk over to the person’s cubicle entry and check. That person may not be available and a productivity interruption has just occurred x 2!

2) Glass panels let in natural light

An article in Psychology Today, points out that employees exposed to more natural light during work hours achieved more sleep at night, better sleep quality and less daytime dysfunction at work. Circadian rhythms follow a 24-hour cycle, responding to darkness and light. It makes sense, then, that the length and type of light exposure, would cause a disruption.

Introducing natural light can be accomplished using glass walls, glass doors, and glass cubicle panels. If you want to take it further, Daylight Harvesting uses light sensors to control a recommended light level using natural and artificial light. Energy savings can also be achieved using one of these systems.

3) Glass panels maintain quiet

If you’re concerned about the noise in an open office, you are not alone. Center for the Built Environment conducted a study in 2007 called “Speech Privacy in Office Environments,” in which, it was discovered that acoustics were a leading source of distraction. A glass insert into a cubicle panel addresses the need for acoustical privacy while opening up the office space. It creates a sound barrier that is as efficient as a full-sized panel.

The tempered glass used in a typical office cubicle panel, measures around 14″ high and is located at the top of the panel. There are many other sizes and options available, however, making it simple to incorporate glass in extremely creative ways. ROSI, Inc. can easily incorporate glass inserts into re-manufactured Haworth cubicles, as well. We have many ways to open up your office space using glass. For more information, contact ROSI and we’ll show you how.


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