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Choosing The Right Office Chair For Your Employees


Choosing The Right Office Chair For Your Employees

Choosing The Right Office Chair For Your Employees

Choosing the right office chair for your employees isn’t as straightforward as it may seem.  It’s important to choose the correct one because after all, they’ll be the one spending many hours sitting in it.  Take into consideration the employee’s body type, work function and the dimensions of their current office desk.

There are many types of office chairs to choose from.  Nowadays, almost every office chair will come with a variety of mechanisms that will control the tilting angle, tension tightness, and a mixture of other controls as well.

Here are the 7 most popular office chairs for standard office work:

Ergonomic Office Chairs – Choose This One For Back Pain Sufferers

Freedom Headrest From Humanscale

The office chair that is the most back-friendly is the ergonomic office chair. This seat is ideal for those who suffer from back pain because it’s devised to give the greatest back support. It’s also good for prolonged sitting. The adjustable height, armrests, and headrest will help to maintain the right posture as your employees work in the office.

Executive Office Chairs – Choose This One For High Ranking Employees

Concorde by Global Total Office

Executive chairs are plush seats, usually made of leather, with casters and wheels. They feature a high backrest, lined with thick layers of foam and padded arm rests. The backrest is adjustable according to your employee’s preference. These chairs tend to be more expensive due to their one-of-a-kind features. As such, it’s often used by the companies’ top executives – hence the name.

Mesh Office Chairs – Choose This One For Employees That Like To Stay Cool

Roma by Global Total Office

Unlike other office chairs lined with foam and leather, mesh chairs are lined with a net-like fabric that gives them good air circulation. This feature, coupled with its cushioned seats, allows your employees to sit at their office desk without feeling hot and sweaty.  It’s popular in the workplace because it gives ventilation, something other designs can’t provide.

Task Office Chairs – Choose This One For Light Office Work

Zesta Series by OM

As the most popular office chair, the task chair has a basic design, with casters and wheels for mobility. It’s also lined with foam to give it significant comfort. To assure convenience to your employees, the height is also adjustable. And on top of all these features, task chairs come in reasonable prices.

Leaning Seat – Choose This For Employees That Like To Stand And Work

ROSI Office Systems
Locus Seat by Focal Upright / Safco Active.

A leaning seat is a total redesign of the traditional office chair. Your employees won’t SIT on a leaning seat rather they will LEAN into it. When they do, their body is supported in a relaxed upright position. As your employees move, the leaning seat adjusts automatically. It pairs well with standing office desks.

Kneeling Office Chairs – Choose This For Employees With Neck Problems

Kneeling Chair by Global Total Office

If you are looking for back support, the kneeling office chair doesn’t provide it directly.  These chairs have a forward incline. So, the hips tend to have a forward slide. The good thing about this design is that it aligns employee’s shoulders, spine and neck.

Exercise Ball Office Chairs – Choose This For Active Employees

Ballo by Humanscale

Exercise ball office chairs look like a ball and are not easy to slouch in. They force you to sit in an upright posture. This movement helps in aiding blood circulation. It’s a non-conforming chair but beneficial to employees that sit for short periods of time but when they do, they are looking to engage their core muscles.

As you can see, office chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Think purposely when purchasing office furniture for your business. It’s so important to embrace employee wellness. Selecting the perfect office chair will help to reduce employee fatigue, headaches and muscle pain that come from spending long hours sitting in ill-fitting office chairs.

ROSI Office Systems will help you make these essential office furniture selections to achieve greatest employee satisfaction. We offer seating with exceptional comfort and style while maintaining a value conscious approach. Industry-leading warranties guarantee that you will get the most out of your furniture budget. Call us, contact us or visit us at our Houston area showroom for more information.

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