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Austin Office Cubicles Are Still As Popular As Ever


Austin Office Cubicles Are Still As Popular As Ever

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Austin Office Cubicles Are Still As Popular As Ever

A roll of the eyes usually follows the words “office cubicle”.  You can thank Dilbert comics for its sullied reputation for being a gray box resembling a cage or a prison. But don’t blame the office cubicle.  It remains one of the most cost effective ways to use space and over time has evolved into a sought after workstation. Here’s why the office cubicle is still a popular choice for many Austin companies:

Austin Office Cubicle Perks

ROSI Office SystemsLower Your Walls

The high-walled office cubicle that induced feelings of claustrophobia has evolved into a better functioning version with lower panels and a more open feel.  Austin companies still find the office cubicle extremely valuable.  Austin office cubicles are much lower – often 42 inches is the going trend.


The lower wall facilitates easier communication among office colleagues.  Time is an important commodity.  Sometimes you cannot wait for a meeting and just need to turn your chair to share information immediately.

See And Be Seen

When people are at their office desks, lower walls allow workers to more easily see and be seen.  It’s easier to integrate newcomers into a company’s culture as well.

Natural Light

A lower office cubicle wall allows natural light to reach more areas of an office floor. Natural light improves employee mood, productivity and creativity.


Another trend with Austin office cubicles is to combine individual workstations so that several members of a team can easily work together.

Noise Reduction

Believe it or not but lowering office cubicle walls actually reduces noise pollution. The old higher walled office cubicles gave workers the perception that they were in an enclosed space and did not need to use an “indoor voice” when talking on the phone or to others. Removing that barrier makes people more aware of neighbors and thereby reduces auditory distractions. Also, installing carpet and using sound masking can make for a better acoustical environment.


When there is a need for more private conversations, Austin companies offer designated, enclosed spaces throughout the office floor.

ROSI Office Systems with locations in Austin, San Antonio and Houston have worked with several successful companies on office design. More often than not, the best office design uses a blended approach with both private and open spaces.  It’s easy to overuse the idea of collaboration.  The mistake begins when companies jump on the open office bandwagon forcing workers to collaborate.  It doesn’t always work if it’s at the expense of being able to do focused work.  The key is to strike a balance of “focus time” with access to one another without constantly being interrupted.

Our installed base of over 20,000 workstations and cubicles in the Austin area is proof that ROSI products and services are the right choice for growing businesses in the Austin, Texas area. When you’re ready to start your next office design, contact us for a free consultation.

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