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San Antonio Office Cubicles Aid In Employee Satisfaction


San Antonio Office Cubicles Aid In Employee Satisfaction

San Antonio Office Cubicles Aid In Employee Satisfaction

The office layout that you choose for your San Antonio business has everything to do with your long-term success.  Choose correctly and it can boost productivity. But choose incorrectly and it can be detrimental to office morale and your bottom line.

Many San Antonio companies traded in office cubicles for open offices, but this radical change may have been a misstep. Employees who work in open offices often are unsatisfied with the work environment, citing noise pollution and lack of privacy as common distractions. Moreover, the open office doesn’t place all employees on even footing.

ROSI Office Systems, servicing San Antonio, Austin and Houston areas has worked with many businesses on correcting the open office wrongdoings.

San Antonio Office Cubicles

Here are the 7 of the most popular reasons why San Antonio businesses still choose office cubicles over open office layouts.

ROSI Office SystemsWorking With Departmental Colleagues

The closer you work near a colleague the better chance you’ll have of knowing what they do and how you can work together. San Antonio office cubicles with low walls and grouped modular pods work to create a more intimate work setting.  This set-up is perfect for marketing or operations groups where collaboration between projects is paramount.

A Space To Call Their Own 

It may not be much, but a little piece of the office that the employee can consider theirs is important.  They can decorate it the way they want (with reason, of course). When people need to locate the employee, they know just where to look.    

Quick Collaboration

When an employee is working on a project and needs to collaborate with a few people, it can happen instantaneously within the confines of the office cubicle. They can discuss the details of the project and be back at their desk in moments.

Focus Work Happens

Office cubicles provide privacy when needed. It is especially important when intense focus is required.


No one employee has a better office than the other. The feeling that everyone is treated fairly will help to create better team spirit within the office.

Better Use Of Space

Office cubicles allow for the creation of many separate workspaces within a large area. It requires less space verses traditional office rooms with doors and walls.

Cost effective

Office cubicles cost much less than having offices for all employees. Used or remanufactured office cubicles are a great environmentally-friendly choice for businesses that are budget minded.

ROSI Office SystemsOf course, the most popular trend is the hybrid layout. Private, workspace office cubicles for daily activities teamed with open creative spaces can work for a great many of San Antonio businesses.

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