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Benching- The Latest Trend In Office Space Design


Benching- The Latest Trend In Office Space Design

Benching- The Latest Trend In Office Space Design

Benching is the latest trend in office space design. These modular systems are used to convert a workspace using “bench-like” office desks, which can accommodate more than one person at a time. Benching is becoming a popular trend because companies are looking for better ways to leverage office space. It’s a creative way to reduce the footprint per person and yet have flexibility for workers that may not be in the office all the time.

Benching can help a business with:

Space and Cost Savings: If you are looking to save on space, benching is a smart choice. This design method does not assign an office desk for each individual, making it an ideal set up for when you need to accommodate more people and rotating workforces in an area. The simple design of benching lends itself to a clean working environment as well. With less room for less stuff, your workspace budget will end up going further than you expect. Another added benefit is that the streamline design not only accommodates more workers in less space, but also allows more natural light in, ultimately reducing energy costs.

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Collaboration: With no more high dividers to hold ideas in, choosing a low wall benching system over your traditional office cubicle workstations allows for office employees to easily collaborate. Group interaction is encouraged through the this type of work environment, making for better departmental communication. Ultimately, benching means more collaboration and increased efficiency for your business.

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Flexible. In today’s office environment, flexibility is a must. Most of these modern benching solutions can accommodate rapid changes in shape, purpose and privacy levels with little labor and parts. Simply adding or removing a screen, adding another surface to accommodate another team member and their laptop is so easy compared to traditional panel systems.

Choosing benching workstations doesn’t mean you have to completely do away with the idea of privacy altogether. It is also helpful to include some designated areas specifically for privacy where people can step away to make a personal call or have scheduled meetings. People still need personal space, so keep that in mind in the overall design. It may or may not be the right choice for your company, but if you would like to explore the possibilities feel free to contact ROSI Office Systems and we can discuss the office furniture that complements your particular business.

Images provided by one of our vendors, Global Total Office. Global offers a very broad range of office products and services designed to meet the needs of today’s changing workplace.




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