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Technology Will Make The Conference Room Functional Again


Technology Will Make The Conference Room Functional Again

Technology Will Make The Conference Room Functional Again

Look around your conference room. Is it outdated? Does the focal point of the room consist of a giant wooden table covered in wires connecting you to technology that never works right? It can be frustrating but despite technology advancement in all other aspects of our working lives, most meeting rooms still consist of the same traditional setup: a conference phone, a screen, a whiteboard and maybe some video conferencing capability.

The good news is that plug and play integrated technology continues to emerge. A technologically advanced conference room allows for better interaction, allowing participants to stay engaged and productive for longer. Individual devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops are seamlessly connected together into one shared digital workspace. Cords disappear and sharing content wirelessly amongst participants in one room and across offices is hassle free, allowing the conversation and content to adapt in real time.

If it’s time for a conference room makeover, here are a few things you can look at to help your meetings become more productive.

SMART Cap IQ Board

The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard, projection screen and computer all in one. The system boasts a multi-touch experience allowing multiple people to write and perform mouse functions. They can move and manipulate objects at multiple locations using a pen or finger. It can be connected to a printer, so notes can be printed and shared with participants, and the system can also be linked to computers in order to save files.


Media:scape allows for true teamwork involving everyone’s input. Devices are embedded into office furniture in Houston, which allows you to connect to any device, and then enables you to share your screen with just a click of the puck making it quick and easy. Anyone in the room can share their screen, giving them the freedom to add to the discussion.

Virtual Meeting

There will always be times when it’s just not possible to get everybody in the same place at the same time.  To accommodate attendees that cannot be there in person, installing structured cabling with ceiling-mounted microphones, high-bandwidth connectivity and advanced software solutions will provide seamless integration into the meeting for virtual attendees, faculty and guest speakers.

With a technology makeover you’ll find that small groups, project teams and individuals will use your conference room more often. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the improved efficiency of your conference room once you outfit it with advanced technology. If you’re looking to give your conference room a technology face-lift that won’t break the bank, but will prove invaluable, it’s time you considered the experts at ROSI Office Systems.  We can help you design a productive conference room that’s efficient and easy to use. Contact us, today!

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