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The iBooth by Peter Pepper Products, Inc.


The iBooth by Peter Pepper Products, Inc.

The iBooth by Peter Pepper Products, Inc.

Every year, the design world comes together in one place to talk trends, ideas, innovation and inspiration—the annual NeoCon event is the place to find out what’s new and upcoming in business design.

One emphasis throughout this year’s convention was how to provide a better privacy solution for open office floor plans. It’s true that an open office design can foster collaboration among colleagues but has also proven counterproductive for individuals struggling to find focus. The recoil against open-plan office spaces has designers creating office furniture solutions to help aid concentration. It seems ironic that we have torn down all the office and cubicle walls only to find new ways to rebuild them….

But one such privacy solution was highlighted at the 2015NeoCon Convention. It’s the iBooth by Peter Pepper Products, Inc.. Check out this video from

iBooth™ is an innovative enclosure designed for today’s mobile world of interactive devices, where connection is everywhere but privacy is limited. Offering both sound dampening and privacy while maintaining visibility to the surrounding space, iBooth is easily placed in collaborative and common areas, connecting corridors, lobbies, and public and private space for anyone’s convenience”.

This creative work surface can function mounted to the wall, as a standing desk or combined with a stool for added comfort. The stool featured in the video is called the Stack. This nifty little pod also features an optional built-in power source for charging your devices.

Privacy freestanding desks, like the iBooth, provide the sense of personal privacy and give workers a little space of their own when needed.

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