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Why More People Are Moving From The Home Office To The Shared Office

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Why More People Are Moving From The Home Office To The Shared Office

The draw of the shared office has appealed to the lonely home-office worker and allowed coffee shop-based freelancers to forgo the obligatory cup of coffee purchase for an all-day workstation. But workers aren’t going back to the office….for the office.  They are going back to the office to be around people again. A shared office allows multiple freelancers to come together in a single space.  

Where can you find a shared office?

There are shared offices like The Capital Factory in Austin, TX, or Geekdom in San Antonio, TX that provide a full office experience with month-to-month membership.  Or you can opt for a crowd-based platform like ShareDesk that will help you to locate a co-working space, office cubicle, business center, or shared office nearby.  You can rent spaces by the hour, day or month. 

Here are 4 key benefits of working in a shared office: 

Sparks Innovation

Shared office spaces draw workers from a wide range of businesses and backgrounds.  People with different expertise and professions will always surround you.  This workspace diversity can lead to new insight and innovation.  When you sit amongst members of different backgrounds and industries, you share ideas and thereby are more innovative.  

Allows You To Stay Focused

If you are the type of person who lacks discipline working at home then you’ll work best in a shared workspace.  The idea is that other hard working individuals and teams will be in view inspiring you to work hard, too.  It’s a nice balance because you won’t have your boss nearby breathing down your neck. And you won’t be tempted to catch up on The Walking Dead episode you missed last night.  

Meet New People

The shared office brings people together.  Even if you aren’t directly working together, you’ll likely meet up at the coffee machine.  Some shared offices even organize happy hours making meeting new people easy. It’s a great way to expand your social and professional networks.  It’s also possible that you’ll meet new clients while participating in a shared workspace.  

Access To Resources

Many shared offices come with resources so you never have to worry about providing materials like you would if you worked from home.  There are a variety of office desks to choose from and of course, access to a reliable, fast Internet connection.  You’ll have access to a copy machine, scanner, printer etc.  And if any of those peripherals break, you’ll have tech support to fix it on the spot.  

Co-working in these shared spaces promises to boost your creativity, offer valuable networking opportunities, and increase your productivity.  If you are starting your own shared workspace, contact ROSI Office Systems.  We can help you develop a superior office space that will attract clients to a diverse, dynamic work environment that inspires people to perform their best and live life to the fullest.

Article updated April 4, 2024

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