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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Meaningful Ways With Your Employees


Celebrate Thanksgiving in Meaningful Ways With Your Employees

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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Meaningful Ways With Your Employees

It has been a stressful time in our nation. A nation divided. But, the good news is that it’s almost Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude. But at its core, it’s a season for sharing and a season for giving.  So let’s put our differences aside to let each other know how thankful we are.  Here are two ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving in a meaningful way with your employees:

The FIRST way: Celebrate Thanksgiving By Helping Others

This Thanksgiving, don’t just encourage your employees to give back – actually help them do it! Allow your workers to take part in a volunteer project. To say thank you (and to motivate other employees), have participants share pictures of their good deeds, then post them in the office.

If you haven’t researched places to do local volunteer work, check out these great area events:

Food Services

Houston Area

36th Annual Thanksgiving Big Feast, Thursday, November 24th at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Austin Area

Operation Turkey, Thursday, November 24th 

San Antonio Area

Operation Turkey, Thursday, November 24th 

Other Ways To Help

Help your company serve the community by participating in group activities. Join a canned food drive, serve at a soup kitchen, build a house for Habitat for Humanity…the possibilities are endless. Or you can check out these Turkey Trot 5Ks in the area:

Houston Area Turkey Trot:

Austin Area Turkey Trot:

San Antonio Area Great Turkey Challenge:

The SECOND Way: Celebrate Thanksgiving By Showing Gratitude

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate celebration.  It comes down to two words. “Thank You”.  Now is the perfect time to show your employees how much their hard work means to you. 

A Thank You Wall

A unique way to show your employees you appreciate them is to write a “thank you” post it on a wall.  It’s a heart-warming way to thank employees for something they’ve contributed to the business. You can encourage them to do the same for others. 

Hold a Recipe Contest

To get your employees in the Thanksgiving spirit (not to mention save a few bucks on catering costs), hold a recipe contest where employees bring in their favorite Thanksgiving dish. Have scorecards for your employees to rate their favorite foods – winner gets to go home early!

This year, taking the time to give back to your community and show thanks for your employees is the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit. And, it will make your turkey dinner taste that much sweeter.

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