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4 Must Have Office Furniture and Accessories For Any Workspace    


4 Must Have Office Furniture and Accessories For Any Workspace    

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4 Must Have Office Furniture and Accessories For Any Workspace

In today’s connect world, your “office” doesn’t necessarily mean you can only do work in an office.  Many of us work from home, from the car and just about anywhere there is a decent Wi-Fi connection.  You may even choose to work from the beaches of Siesta Key and if that describes you, I’m green with envy.

Even though you can work anywhere, chances are your comfort and productivity will not compare to that of your office workspace.  No matter how mobile you can be, you will always need good office furniture in Houston and accessories.  Your office furniture in Houston and accessories should be comfortable so that if you’re forced to brush the sand off your pants and return to the office, it’s one that you enjoy working in.

Sit-to-Stand Office Desk

By know you’ve heard that sitting for too long can lead to some serious health problems.  You may have also heard that standing for too long can lead to join problems.  So, the best solution is to split your time between standing AND sitting. The easiest ways of accomplishing this is to use a sit-to-stand office desk that can be lowered for sitting and raised for standing. It’s also important that when you first use it in standing mode, to ease into it.  At first, stand for just a few hours a day while your body becomes used to it. Make sure to move around a bit, by shifting your position, pacing, or even dancing as you work.

Monitor Arm

Once you get your sit-to-stand desk, you’ll need a monitor arm.  An adjustable monitor arm will allow you to adjust the height, depth and in most cases the angle of your monitor to get it at the healthiest and most comfortable position for your body.  And hey, it beats trying to stack your monitor on top of a pile of shoeboxes! Monitor arms come in single and dual arms for those of you lucky enough to get to use two monitors.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Next, choose a great ergonomic office chair. It’s important not to scrimp when it comes to this piece of office furniture in Houston. Make sure to select a chair that is adjustable in every way.  Meaning, choose a chair with:

  • Controls that are easy to operate from sitting position.
  • Adjustable seat for height and tilt.
  • A seat with a front edge that curves towards the floor.
  • A seat made of a breathable fabric.
  • A backrest shaped to support the lower back.
  • A stable five point base.
  • Wheels or casters suitable for the type of flooring.
  • A swivel mechanism.
  • Armrests that can be adjusted to the elbow height when your upper arms are hanging down and your forearms are at about a 90-degree angle to the upper arms.


Lastly, you need a footrest when you are sitting (and sometimes I use mine when standing, too).  When you have tired feet, it can be difficult to maintain a cheerful and hardworking attitude. The Humanscale FM 300B Footrest is a great option. It encourages a gentle rocking of the feet with its ball-bearing rollers. Not only is this a gratifying experience; it also uses the lower leg muscles to improve circulation. Built in massage balls also refresh your sore feet. Heaven!

So no matter how much or how little time you spend in your physical office space, you’ll need high quality office furniture in Houston and accessories to make it great.  For businesses in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, TX and surrounding cities, ROSI Office Systems is the best company to turn to. We offer flexible, comfortable, and affordable solutions for your office furniture and space planning needs. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us today.


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