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Office Moves: Furniture & Space Planning

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Office Moves: Furniture & Space Planning

Planning an office move involves so many details and logistics that it can seem overwhelming. But, a move often means positive things for your company, which is exciting! It will require advanced planning, delegation, multi-tasking, and good communication. But with the right plan in place, your relocation can go smoothly. 

Assess Your Current Space

During the preparation process, it’s important to take a detailed look at your company’s needs. How many employees do you have and what are their workstation requirements? Take inventory of all of your existing furniture, making note of anything that you’re not planning to take with you. Identify any gaps in the furnishings you currently have. Maybe your reception area needs more chairs, or you are looking to add an employee lounge in the new office. Evaluate your current office layout – are there problems with the traffic flow that need to be addressed? Think about each department and if any area would benefit from a change in relative location. Do you have adequate room for common office needs like copying/printing/filing? Once you have a good idea of what is currently working for you and what is not, you’ll be able to move on to the next step – space planning.

office space planFurniture And Space Planning

Once you’ve assessed your current space and needs, you can begin planning for the new space. Firstly, make sure you have a floor plan with accurate dimensions and locations of features like windows, stairs, etc. It can be helpful to gain feedback from your employees when it comes to the new office layout. Discuss several options to see what might work best for your staff as a whole. From your space plan, you’ll be able to generate a list of furnishings you’ll need to acquire. 

Hire Professionals

If you’re feeling frazzled at the thought of your upcoming office move, the best idea is to hire professionals. ROSI can help you tackle your relocation from start to finish as painlessly as possible! Our professional team will support you throughout the entire planning process and execution. We assist with space planning, assessing the current space, and identifying your needs in the new location. A dedicated Project Consultant works with you one on one to come up with the best layout for your office. 

During your initial inventory, you might have discovered furniture pieces that are no longer serving you. If you have old or outdated furniture to get rid of, take advantage of our liquidation and removal services. During this process, you could even earn credit towards your new furniture! Plus, our trained technicians take great care to remove pieces without damage – ensuring your old office space is returned to pristine condition. 

With your space plan ready and the removal of your existing furniture, our team will help you design your new office with the perfect aesthetic to compliment your company’s style. 

For more information about how ROSI can make your next office move quick and easy, contact us today. We always offer free consultations to discuss your unique needs!


Office Furniture Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator  

Are you looking for a cost estimate for a new office build out or are you just trying to get a price to add a few new workstations to your existing space, our new office furniture budget calculator can help!

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