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The Poppy Chair by Haworth


The Poppy Chair by Haworth

The Poppy Chair by Haworth

The dividing line between work and home life is fading, and so too is the distinction between office furniture in Houston and residential furniture. Movable yet confortable, collaborative furniture has become a cornerstone to many contemporary office spaces today. These collaborative work areas are designed to be casual, flexible and adaptable to your particular work environment. The best thing about having a mobile workspace is that it allows for spontaneous meetings and collaboration to take place wherever you are, not just in traditional offices or conference rooms that need to be scheduled.

One such collaborative piece of furniture called the Poppy chair by Haworth, was introduced at this year’s NeoCon 2015.  Check out’s video featuring the Poppy chair and other collaborative pieces from Haworth.

This lightweight, playful chair is much more than just a task chair. It has a comfortable, gentle shape with soft edges. The design of the Poppy chair is ideal for remote workers, conference rooms, waiting areas, and home offices.

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