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Tips For Looking Professional In An Overly Air-Conditioned Office


Tips For Looking Professional In An Overly Air-Conditioned Office

Tips For Looking Professional In An Overly Air-Conditioned Office

It’s 100 degrees outside but are you freezing cold in your office? If you’re a woman, you’re not alone. It happens every summer: Offices turn on the air-conditioning, and women freeze into icicles. While noise pollution is the number one complaint given in an open office, thermal discomfort is a close second, especially among female office workers.

Remember the study last year revealing that office temperatures are based on a man’s average metabolic rate, (which explains why women tend to feel colder on average in the same environment)?

Of course, sitting there in your summer dress with a wool hat, a puffy coat and slippers will keep you warm, but it doesn’t make for the most professional looking of outfit. But you really do need to stay warm. Research has found that when the office thermostat was set to 77 degrees (from 68 degrees), typing errors fell by 44% and output increased by roughly 150%. So for your job’s sake, here are a few tips for looking professional in your overly air-conditioned office in the summer.

Keep a Jacket Handy

You should always wear some sort of removable jacket or sweater to the office. If it’s hard to remember to wear one every day, keep one on hand permanently at the office. A smart choice is a black blazer since it will go with almost any outfit. If you are starting to feel uncomfortably cold, just put it on top of whatever you are wearing.

Blanket Scarf

You don’t have to go as far as wearing a Snuggie, but having a blanket scarf or pashmina is a great option. Just throw it around your neck, or throw it over your legs if you are wearing a dress or skirt. Scarves are also a stylish way to go.

Layer Up

Adding extra layers such as a tank top or undershirt will keep your core warm without adding too much bulk. You still want to be able to move your arms and be mobile.

Closed Toe Shoes

It’s unfortunate that you can’t wear those cute sandals to the office but having exposed toes will make you lose a lot of excess heat. Pumps are always a great office closed toe option. If you decide to wear the cute sandals, be sure to have a pair of house shoes you can slip into secretly under your office desk.

If all else fails, get up and move around. Walk around the office or up and down the stairs in your office building. You can even do some office cubicle exercises to get your blood flowing. Not only will it warm you up, it will give you some time away from the computer screen and your office chair!







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