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Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics

In today’s economy storing, transporting and distributing products is a rapidly growing industry. The industry is also highly competitive, and with that, office furniture costs must be economical, and the office design must be creative to meet the demands of an industry always in motion. In addition, there are many other requirements when creating the ideal office environment for the warehousing, distribution and logistics business.

They include:

  • Well-planned wireless and data cabling infrastructure that will effectively support electronic mobility.

  • Quiet office work areas that provide an insulated space for technical design and other projects that require deep concentration.

  • Mobility! Your business isn’t the only thing that is about mobility. Your office space should also move and flex according to your needs.

Office furniture costs are always at the forefront of any new office build or move, but did you know there is more to office furniture costs that can affect your bottom line? If the office design for your warehousing, distribution and logistics company is not laid out with employee comfort and flow in mind, you stand to lose real money from unproductive employees and an ineffective space plan.

Another consideration is the office furniture. You don’t want to select the wrong materials for your warehouse. If you do, you risk the need to replace those office chairs, desks, and cubicles sooner than planned. The project managers at ROSI Office Systems have the experience and knowledge to help guide you through the layout and planning so your project creates a highly-effective work space. We know which office furniture materials belong in your unique environment, along with creative budget-saving ideas that we’ve learned along the way.

Office noise can be an irritating distraction and put a serious ding in productivity, that’s why we specialize in sound-proofing and other inventive ideas for quiet office work areas. Our team can build insulated and customized new cubicles or remanufactured cubicles in our Stafford, Texas workshop that fit your specific office cubicle needs. Our remanufactured cubicles and new cubicles and are fitted with high-quality fabrics, glass panels and privacy screens—anything you need can be customized.

Sustainable design, mobility and flexibility are key in a high-growth industry such as warehousing, distribution and logistics. But what is sustainable design and how can it work for you? Sustainable design allows companies to change up their work environment according to their needs by using mobile carts and docking stations, movable walls, paperless offices, furniture that can adjust to fit different sizes, and flexible work areas that accommodate an impromptu team meeting or group project. With a focus on office furniture that supports sustainable design your employees will be highly-productive and happy which increases your bottom line.

“With the demand for mobility comes the need for effective data cabling planning and installation to support mobile devices from laptops to notebooks and cellular phones. Our data cabling experts can help with your data cabling questions and plan. They will provide installation services so your wireless and data cabling infrastructure will effectively support your business.”

In the fast-moving world of warehousing, distribution and logistics, it’s important to remain flexible with office furniture, office cubicles, data cabling and other important tools that support and grow with your business. Office furniture and office design knowledge is what we’ve spent our careers honing and we want to help you create the ideal work space that keeps your business moving.

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