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Office Furniture Financing

Whether you are a facilities manager, bank manager or department manager, your financial industry furniture requirements are primarily centered around four main needs:

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Accessible Technology

  • Customer Comfort

  • Workspace Flexibility

Today, employers in the financial industry realize their employees’ satisfaction is directly tied to their daily work environment. This includes such details as efficient personal work spaces, and easy access to functional collaborative spaces for impromptu meetings. Or, perhaps, a break is needed to recharge and energize before returning to a more private space when concentration and focus are necessary.

In order to attract and keep top talent, financial industry employers must be sure their employees are comfortable and engaged in their workspaces. Employees expect to have technology and functional workspace at their fingertips and department managers need to be able to add new technologies and re-configure workspaces with no interruptions or down time.

ROSI Office Systems offers designs that allow current utilization of technology and the ability to add and update technology as it develops or as needs change.  The key to a successful office design is forethought and the ability to utilize existing workspaces while still updating aspects which are required to accommodate new or additional technology or function. We want your office purchases to be relevant now and to be an economical base for any updates in the future.

ROSI offers a variety of office cubicle and workspace options to address the requirements for designing a new or updated office space.  Budget concerns are alleviated when you consider our remanufactured workspace systems, which can be customized to merge with existing office design or present a fresh, new look for your employees and clients.  Our modular elements and integrated furniture systems are beautifully efficient and appealing to your employees for their ability to integrate technologies and ergonomics through any combination of various sit-to-stand desks, monitors that offer the best options for comfort and health while your employees are working in designated workspaces and collaborative spaces that encourage employee interaction for brainstorming, mini-meetings and discussion.

Our workspaces and cubicles can be designed to be more flexible through the use of modular walls and movable spaces that allow for a variety of uses without requiring dedicated spaces which are utilized only during specific activities.  The key to our efficient design is the ability to utilize all your spaces in a variety of ways to minimize the expense of single-use dedicated space.

Modular storage can be utilized for division of space as well as storage functions. Clean, modern lines and efficient, fresh design set our products apart and offer you the ability to customize while still utilizing existing office furniture in need of an update or adaptation to more efficient uses.

Financial industry customers expect to experience and use technology seamlessly in reception areas designed with their comfort and convenience in mind. The solutions to these challenges include such options as management systems for wiring and cabling required to power today’s workstations, collaborative and common areas with office furniture designed to harness technology while seamlessly creating style and comfort.

Your clients want to sit in current, well designed spaces which reflect efficiency and competency and the ability to provide answers to their investment and financial concerns as part of your overall well-managed enterprise. They want to know you are considerate of future investments and that you attract and keep the most talented individuals in your market. The strategic use of ergonomic, engaging office design will attract dedicated professionals who will project your capable image in their daily interactions with each other and with your clients.

Our designs allow your employees to remain engaged and energized through the strategic use of spaces designed to be used alone or to act as impromptu meeting or training spaces. Talented employees anticipate workspaces that help them to be productive through the integration of ergonomics for health and comfort and the natural light and design which promote concentration and positive work interaction between employees.

ROSI welcomes your inquiries and offers design services to address all your needs no matter the size. We can tailor a new office space design to meet your current and future needs. Your employees will be energized and product; and your clients will be appreciative in your ability to utilize the most up-to-date and welcoming reception areas.

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