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Free Office Space Plans - Here's Why You Need Them

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Free Office Space Plans Are An Important Part of ROSI’s Award-Winning Service

Free space plans have consistently been a customer favorite at ROSI for over 20 years. Why? Because seeing your vision and new office furniture laid out in a 2D and 3D rendering enables you to be a part of creating an office design that works for you. ROSI wants you to love your new office furniture and free office space plans put you in charge of getting exactly what you want. But, your employees are also a critical piece of the puzzle and free space planning take the guesswork out of the layout so employees have enough space to be productive.

Why Do I Need A Free Office Space Plan?

Unlike buying office furniture and simply placing it into your space, getting a space plan allows you to really see the layout and make adjustments in order to fit your particular needs. That is why we offer free space planning and design before you buy so you can suss out those small details that may have been missed such as ideal traffic flow, getting the most from the natural light, as well as acoustical considerations.

The space planning process is simple. A ROSI Project Consultant will come to your office to gather measurements and size up the area. We’ll listen to your goals and vision for the work space.

      • If you already have a floorplan, great. Simply send it to your personal project consultant.
      • Within 24 to 48 hours, your project consultant will present an office space plan that includes 2D and 3D renderings.
      • You’ll either meet in person or virtually to discuss the changes and updates you’d like to make.
      • Any changes received will be added and resent within 24-48 hours. It’s likely if you begin on a Monday bright and early, you could have a space plan in place by the end of the week!

    Try DesignLive

  • If you can’t get away, do not worry, we can meet on your computer, virtually anywhere with our Designlive tool. We’ll sit down in front of our computer and you in front of yours, wherever you may be. While speaking on the phone, you can see the design or updates take place right before your eyes. You’ll be able to make changes and be a part of the design process as it is happening. At the end of the Designlive session, your space plan will be almost complete and ready for our review before we send it off to you for approval.Whether you are purchasing office furniture, bench desking, cubicles or common area furniture, you and your employees must get the maximum benefits for your investment. For nearly 25 years ROSI has created productive Houston office spaces including surrounding areas throughout Texas and Southwest Louisiana. Our workspace consultants bring a knowledge base that, together, is 100 years in the making. We’ll design your productive office space quickly and effectively. Our goal is to create incredible workspaces that boost productivity while upgrading the look of your office environment and free office space plans help both of us reach that goal.
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