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Glass Office Partitions for Businesses in Houston, TX

Glass Office Partitions Houston TXAre you looking for an affordable, flexible way to add departments, offices, or conference areas to your office in Houston, Texas? If so, glass office partitions from ROSI Office Systems Inc. are a solution that you should seriously consider. These dividers are 100 percent reusable, which gives you the option to easily rework your office if your space needs change in the future. Simply give us a call and we’ll quickly demount your partitions and reinstall them to create a brand new configuration.

An Affordable Solution

Because there are no new material costs when you’d like to reconfigure your office, you’ll find using glass partitions gives you the flexibility to quickly adapt. However, this is only part of what makes our dividers more affordable than other solutions, such as drywall. Our partitions also require less labor to install and there is minimal construction noise and mess. In fact, our walls can be installed directly over your flooring – even carpet. We also source these walls locally, which reduces the total cost by up to 25 percent. Plus, once installed, our glass office partitions can provide tax advantages and contribute to LEED certification.

Additional Benefits

ROSI’s glass office partitions will also add a sleek, modern element to your office that will fill the space with natural light. And, if you’d like an opaque option, we offer walls coated in vinyl, cloth, and even writable surfaces.

Learn more about the advantages of having ROSI Office Systems Inc. install glass office partitions in your workspace in Houston, TX, by contacting us today.


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