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It’s obvious that in an industrial environment filled with heavy machinery, safety is a top concern. However, today, security and safety monitoring have become paramount in the office environment as well. Companies all over the Houston, San Antonio and Austin areas are installing safety and observation equipment that keeps their assets well-managed and employees safe. In addition, insurance rates may be minimized with safety and observation equipment installed.

Benefits of Safety and Observation in Houston and surrounding areas include:

  • Reduces / prevents theft in the workplace. Employee theft costs American businesses billions of dollars each year, according to the website, which commissioned a Harris Interactive survey on the issue. The survey found that 58 percent of employees polled admitted to stealing from their employer.
  • Spot other illegal activity. Criminal activity within the workplace is a serious problem that you as an employer will want to catch, acknowledge and rectify in order to prevent any risk to your employees or assets.
  • Support. Source data supports the company with legal issues such as sexual harassment, workplace violence, slip and fall issues, etc. Research reveals that video surveillance methods work as a means of preventing crime. Depending on local laws, video can be an influential tool in detecting and prosecuting crimes.
  • Monitoring and Review. Cameras enable ownership or management to see the office environment from their cell phone or computer from anywhere in the world. This gives absent managers a valuable tool to ensure assets are safe and employees engaged.
  • Round-the-clock surveillance. It’s imperative that your business is protected even when you are not there. Cameras run 24 hours a day providing visual recording of activities after normal business hours.

Houston, Austin and San Antonio business owners have reported that safety and observation in the office workplace has helped them in several significant ways. Cameras not only help identify employees who are stealing, but they also deter workers from stealing in the first place. Cameras also help employers monitor the work habits of employees. Not all camera installations are meant to “catch” employees in the act of doing something wrong. Just as employees use them to monitor employees’ work habits, employers can see the dedication of an employee.

Most company employees will comprehend the need to screen the working environment. However, as a business owner thinking about installing security cameras in your office, you should first familiarize yourself with federal laws and state laws regarding privacy. State laws can vary widely. You can learn about them by contacting the U.S. Department of Labor and your state’s labor department.

The ROSI structured data cabling / safety and observation team will quickly outfit your office with safety and observation cameras that create transparency and accident prevention in the workplace. At ROSI, our safety and observation experts will help you assess your needs and advise the best course of action to create an ideal program that will protect both your assets and employees. Contact ROSI today for a free Safety and Observation Equipment assessment.

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