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Refurbished Office Cubicles Help Businesses in Austin, TX, Save Money

Refurbished Office Cubicles Austin TXSome businesses may be hesitant to purchase refurbished office cubicles for their workspaces in Houston, Texas, because they feel these products won’t look as professional or last as long as new options. In many cases this may be true, however, at ROSI Office Systems Inc. we have a reputation for providing steep discounts (30 to 50 percent) on remanufactured workstations that have the appearance and durability of brand new products.

ROSI’s remanufactured workstations – named REcube – are superior to many of the refurbished office cubicles offered in Houston, TX, because we have a strict process that involves:

  • Sourcing only used Haworth cubicles, which have been made with the finest materials
  • Completely stripping the used cubicles down to the 100 percent metal frame
  • Rebuilding the cubicles with brand new fabric, laminate, trim, and more

In the end, our cubicles are like new, but cost 30 to 50 percent less. What’s more, we offer many customization options, including work surface and panel heights, glass panels, sound absorbing fabrics, and more.

In addition to offering the finest remanufactured workstations available, ROSI is known for providing outstanding customer service. For example, each cubicle project we take on comes with complimentary space planning service, which includes fast turnarounds on 2D and 3D renderings. If your order is for more than 35 workstations, we’ll even build a mockup. This will allow you to make the most of your office space and create a more visually appealing and productive environment.

If you’d like to learn more about the refurbished office cubicles that we offer to businesses in Houston, TX, contact ROSI Office Systems Inc. today.

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