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Facility and office managers responsible for organizing the office space for technology companies are looking for more than just a place to shelter their employees. They are looking for a strategic “hybrid” office filled with office furniture that easily allows for collaboration, growth and productivity. The workplace, now more than ever, is a reflection of an organization’s brand, culture and people, enhanced and supported by continually changing technology.

The main considerations for designing an office space for the tech world include:

  • Stimulating Office Design

  • Flexible Work Spaces

  • Adaptable Office Furniture

  • Plug and Play Office Furniture Interconnection

  • Inspiring Colors and Textures

  • High-Functioning Ergonomics

Attracting the best available talent is critical to any company, and having the right people in your organization can mean the difference between success and failure. Ensuring that creative, out-of-the-box thinkers have a work environment that stimulates their creativity is of paramount importance when designing office spaces for the technology industry. So the office furniture and style should be functional, flexible and fun.

ROSI Office Systems understands the needs of a tech hybrid office.  A hybrid office combines a blend of private offices, bench desks as well as communal areas and soundproof rooms where employees can go to concentrate on solo work. The perfect office space for a tech company offers a variety of spaces in which to work with proper data cabling giving employees the freedom to move between them throughout the day. ROSI has found that the flexibility afforded by a hybrid office design leads to more satisfied, more productive employees. Giving employees a work environment that allows them the choice of how and where they work lends itself well to the modern collaborative tech environment.

ROSI has flexible, modular furniture solutions, including movable walls and screens, to support technology and its dynamic role in connecting people, both in and across, departments. These modular components can be mixed, stacked and moved around, offering unlimited combinations for a dynamic and collaborative workplace. In today’s high tech industries, often the only constant is change. Being able to quickly adapt your workspace to meet this constant change – and adapt with little to no disruption to your current workflow – is critical to ensuring the ongoing success of your company.

Office workers bring a whole new demand for the tools required to work in today’s office. Laptops, mobile devices, and peripherals are now the everyday necessities. And office design and furniture must have a tech-enabled mobility to address these needs. We provide office furniture that lets you easily plug and play to keep on working throughout the office, freeing both you and your employees from being tied to any particular area – and ensuring that they can get and remain connected anywhere they choose. These interconnected spaces allow employees to move freely without having to worry about interrupting their workflow or their connection to your network.

Our office furniture also comes in a variety of materials and finishes to create a space that harmonizes with any environment.  The “corporate gray” that had previously been the norm is a thing of the past – and we help you to showcase ‘your colors’ throughout your work spaces. ROSI designers enjoy using color and texture to create a more varied, inspiring and personalized work environment. Our interconnected office furniture easily adapts to the rapidly changing business and technology climates. This allows you to integrate furniture systems, components, storage and technology from multiple product lines.

ROSI also offers a variety of ‘work fit’ office furniture to keep employees moving and active. Being active is a key component to a tech employee’s happiness. High performers in the technology industry are also really passionate about what they do.  Being healthy and fit supports their ability to focus and maintain high cognitive function.

That’s where important ergonomics in the technology industry plays a vital role to your office space. Our ergonomic office furniture fits into your work environment with the goal to improve health, safety and productivity of workers while reducing your company’s injury-related expenses.  Monitor arms, keyboard trays, sit-to-stand office desks and other ergonomic solutions provide user comfort and increased desktop areas.

We approach business with a consultative approach, resulting in an office designed for you to help your people do their best work. ROSI provides flexible and highly functional office solutions to help any tech environment. From common areas to breakout rooms, we’ll design an agile workspace that provides a variety of spaces and destinations for workers to inhabit that promote movement and technology interconnection throughout the day.

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