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Houston Used Office Furniture: The Environmental Choice

Houston used office furniture offers an environmentally conscious solution to your business needs. If you’re looking for a way to both help the environment and your pocketbook, please call ROSI – a leading distributor of used office furniture in the Houston and Austin areas – at 281-403-4477.

There are many ways that Houston business owners can incorporate the green lifestyle into every aspect of their operations. Green economics is a symbiotic relationship: business owners save money, help the environment, and send out a positive message to consumers.

Whether by going paperless, recycling waste materials, using more efficient lighting, or purchasing remanufactured furniture, your office can function in a way that benefits the environment and your checkbook at the same time.

The reason that remanufactured (often called refurbished) office furniture saves you money is because furniture dealers are able to offer used products at a discounted price. ROSI, Inc. offers premium wholesale used furniture in Houston and Austin at truly affordable rates and, as a result of going green, you will save 30% to 50% when you purchase used office furniture through ROSI, Inc.

Remanufactured furniture is more environmentally sound and less expensive than new furniture. However, ROSI, Inc. also offers a line of premium new furniture, rental furniture, and a variety of furniture maintenance services in Houston and Austin that will cover all of your office needs.

Here are some of the many benefits of purchasing used office furniture:

  • Affordable prices that save you 30% to 50% over new furniture
  • An environmentally-friendly solution to your office needs
  • Impress your clients and employees with an environmentally conscious business.
  • Remanufactured office furniture is top quality and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Benefit from a streamlined, organized work environment.

Whatever your remanufactured office needs may be, ROSI, Inc. has you covered:

Task & Management Center (Workers in departments like IT, engineering, and finance get true satisfaction out of turning raw data into better solutions).

Call Center Station (Administration, customer service, call centers constructed in a way that maximizes workspace and pairs ergonomic support with durability).

Reception & Bullpen (Whether the message is simplicity and utility, aesthetics or innovation, ROSI, Inc. reception areas and bullpens make a statement).

In addition to supplying the Houston and Austin areas with quality, affordable office furniture, ROSI, Inc. also serves The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Spring, and Katy (as well as other surrounding areas).

To request a quote on remanufactured office furniture, used office cubicles, new office furniture, or any of your office needs, please call ROSI at 281-403-4477.

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