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Annoying Situations You May Encounter On Your Next Conference Call


Annoying Situations You May Encounter On Your Next Conference Call

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Annoying Situations You May Encounter On Your Next Conference Call

The idea of a “conference call” wasn’t recently invented but with all of the annoyances that occur during one, you’d think it was a new concept. No one looks forward to having a conference call. And, most of the time you’d rather do anything but join one. Yet sometimes there’s no way around it. Comedy duo Tripp and Tyler have imagined a conference call situation in their video, “A Conference Call in Real Life.” The sketch perfectly highlights some of the annoyances that come bundled with getting a group of coworkers together on a conference call.

So, how can you get through one without it driving you nuts? I guess just laugh it off. To prepare yourself, check out these annoying situations and people you may encounter on your next conference call.

  • Having to hear the words “Hello, who just joined” 50 times in a row.
  • While introducing yourself, three other people say their names at the same time as you.
  • The string of latecomers who interrupt the presenter each time they join the call.
  • The inappropriate comment followed by a silence because someone forgot to mute.
  • During the 60-minute call, all you said was your name and goodbye.
  • You are deep into another task when someone says your name and you didn’t hear the question.
  • You engage in awkward small talk because you’ve joined the call early and it’s just you and someone you’ve never met before.
  • Hearing weird background noise, followed by a continuous reminder to everyone to mute his or her phone.
  • You ask a question, then silence, followed by a voice apologizing because they were on mute.
  • An item not on the agenda is discussed. Someone makes the decision to “take this topic offline” but then continues to talk about it for another 15 minutes.
  • At the end, when the moderator asks if there are any more questions there is always that one person who asks one.
  • The frustration and anxiety you feel trying to type in a conference call code that isn’t working.
  • The work-at-home participant that has a dog that barks throughout the entire call.
  • Someone taking the call remotely at an airport and doesn’t mute as airport announcements are blared over the entire call.
  • A cat meows during someone’s presentation.
  • Or worse… hear a flush during someone’s presentation.
  • Someone repeatedly drops the call and has to keep calling back in, announcing his or her name each and every time.
  • 2 or more people talk at the same time. They pause, thinking they heard something, and then continue to talk over each other again.
  • The mobile call quality is so bad that you hear every other word from a participant.
  • When you announce that you’ve shared a document but it doesn’t work for that one person.
  • The echoing voice of someone who doesn’t realize they are echoing.
  • The person that enjoys giving a really long introduction about their career and whom they know.
  • A rambling participant who seems to have nowhere else to be and never gets to the point.
  • Employees who like to start a debates by disagreeing with everyone about everything.
  • The one who continues to ask questions about a topic that has already been put to rest.
  • The people who type loudly on their computers so that no one can hear the presenter anymore.
  • The people who didn’t make time for a snack decides that it’s time to enjoy their bag of chips on the call.
  • The person who places the entire conference call on hold so everyone gets to hear the hold music instead of the presenter.
  • The mumbler (or whisperer) no one can understand.
  • The screamer that feels like no one will hear him or her unless they speak as loudly as possible.
  • The person that repeats the word “hello” because they keep thinking they’ve been disconnected from the call.

Having conference call difficulties?

While you can’t control how others behave on conference calls, you can make sure you’re not the one contributing to meeting annoyance.  Sometimes conference call frustration is caused by technology.  Many businesses are lacking what is truly needed for a productive conference call.  Check your company’s cabling infrastructure. If you think about everything structured cabling provides—voice, data, audio and visual—the power of expertly laid out and installed cabling is imperative to your success. If you want to learn more about cat 5e/cat 6, fiber optic, RG-6 and more structured cabling options, please contact ROSI Office Systems to discuss your next cabling project.

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