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Benefits of Ergonomic Leaning Stools for Active Sitting


Benefits of Ergonomic Leaning Stools for Active Sitting

Benefits of Ergonomic Leaning Stools for Active Sitting

There are so many ergonomic options now for minimizing the damage of static sitting at work. Standing desks, walking desks, and more! But what about the new leaning stools?

Focal Upright’s new line features a unique product to revolutionize the way you work – the Mobis active seat leaning stool.

leaning stools around a conference table with people meeting

The Difference Between Leaning and Sitting

While it may look like a stool, don’t sit on it like a chair! The purpose of the Mobis is to change the angle of your hips to a more relaxed position. This puts your spine in a natural alignment. Set up correctly, the hip angle should be around 130 degrees as opposed to the 90 degree angle of the hips while sitting.

Benefits of Leaning

Aside from simply being different from long term sitting, there are huge benefits to choosing a leaning stool for some or all of your day. While leaning your leg muscles are actively engaged, which strengthens the muscles and takes pressure off your low back. Research shows leaning also reduces leg discomfort and swelling that can come from sitting in a regular office chair. Plus, the easy pivoting and swiveling (a full 360 degrees) of the stool keeps your feet moving.

Personalize Your Seat

The Mobis comes in four vibrant colors to suit your style. You can also add accessories to complete your leaning set! A stabilizing foot rest can make your leaning stool even more comfortable. It takes pressure off the foot and provides ankle support.

If you’re looking for a way to be more active at work, but can’t commit to something like a treadmill desk, the leaning stool is a great in-between! You’ll get many of the same benefits as walking like less back fatigue and discomfort, but at a fraction of the cost. Leaning stools are easy to use and set up in a snap! For more information on how to use the Mobis, check out this great video!



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