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Sensory Approach To Office Design


Sensory Approach To Office Design

Sensory Approach To Office Design

To crack the code on good office design, you really need to consider the whole picture of the work space. It’s about the combination of elements like environment, furniture, and layout.

Research shows that all five senses play an important role in how employees respond to office design. It’s important to think about this when planning for upgrades.


Admittedly, this one is a no-brainer, right? How an office space looks has a huge impact on everything from productivity to work satisfaction. Aside from using aesthetically pleasing furnishings, good office design will also include access to natural light. A view of the great outdoors would be a bonus! Remember that wall color also affects mood and productivity.


The sense of smell is so powerful – just think about how distracting an offensive smell can be either at work or at home! A smartly designed office will have appropriate ventilation and keep break room smells away from working areas. One way to use smell in a positive way is to use scent diffusers with mint or lavender to set the appropriate tone for your office.


You may think there’s no way to affect taste with office design, but actually you can play to this sense in a positive way at work. Providing healthy snacks and really good coffee in break areas and reception leaves an impression on not only your employees, but customers as well.


Right up there with sight – this sense can really make or break your work day. Good office design provides both privacy and places to collaborate. There’s nothing worse than trying to focus while overhearing a large meeting or group presentation.


Touch is perhaps the most overlooked sense when it comes office design. Consider a less than desirable design to be like that itchy wool sweater you can’t wait to take off. To appeal to the sense of touch at the office, think about your fabrics and textures. Upholstered furniture should be comfortable, including lounge areas and desk chairs. Temperature and humidity control can also be felt as a part of this sense.

A holistic approach to office design addresses all of your senses. It ensures that the overall work environment is well balanced. For help with your next office design project, contact ROSI today for a free consultation.



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