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Green Office Walls Make Workers More Productive


Green Office Walls Make Workers More Productive

Green Office Walls Make Workers More Productive

You probably never think about the color of your office and how it affects your mood, profitability and productivity, but it does. What colors you choose for the office can have a dramatic effect on your employees, clients and other visitors. These effects are subliminal and instinctive, creating either a good or bad perception of your business.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s focus on green office furniture and green office walls.

Selecting the perfect office color largely depends on the demographic and business objectives involved. In general, people tend to gravitate towards a more calming work environment primarily because of their hectic and high-energy lifestyles. Many people seek out work solace in a space that brings them closer to nature, such as what can be found in most green hues.

Better Focus. Low wavelength colors like a restful green is a common color in Mother Nature’s palette. Green has a positive impact on efficiency and focus. It lends to an overall sense of well being – creating happier, more effective workers.

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Calming. If you’re in an environment where having a strong sense of balance is important then green might just be the color that makes you the most productive. In addition, because green is so balanced, calming, and reassuring, it’s great to use around anywhere money is changing hands. For instance, in a bank or in retail.

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Inspiring. Green is also great for inspiring innovation. The color itself is calming, promoting harmony and balance. It can also enhance creative performance. Green would be a good choice in an office where innovation is a key component.

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Colors affect each of us. They bring forth (subconsciously) feelings and emotions in every individual. Companies should take great care to choose the right colors for their business. Doing so will help ensure that workers are more productive. Likewise, the correctly chosen office paint colors can help invite, uplift and energize the environment. This, in turn, can help increase productivity.

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