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How Colors Affect Your Business


How Colors Affect Your Business

How Colors Affect Your Business

For many years, office spaces have used color schemes based around grays, tans and browns. These are safe and timeless colors, but if you’re looking to re-invigorate your space, consider adding colors that can inspire confidence, plus boost your staff’s creativity and productivity.

Green is the color of money but is it the right color for your office décor?  It might be if you want to inspire creativity according to a study from the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.  Consider adding shades of green to the marketing department or conference rooms.

Red is an intense color and portrays power, energy and success.  But some studies have shown the color red reduces a person’s ability to concentrate. A single red wall in your entry way may be just enough to make a power statement.

Looking to liven up your employees’ moods?  Yellow might be the key to happiness and productivity because it has also been shown to help increase the ability to concentrate.

White is probably the best color for a medical facility because it gives off a pure and sterile vibe.  But, white also causes eye fatigue so do your employees a favor and tone it down to an off white or light beige color and then add pops of color with fabric or art to stimulate your staff.

Blue is a calming color and can portray your company as caring, loyal and responsible.  People tend to be comfortable for long periods of time in a blue room.

As you decide on the colors that will inspire creativity and productivity in your employees and confidence among your clients, consider that color can be added in a variety of ways.  Not only can you paint the walls and replace the carpet, but you can select office furnishings with your choices of fabric and finish colors.

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