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Top 2 Reasons Workstation Clusters Make Call Centers More Profitable


Top 2 Reasons Workstation Clusters Make Call Centers More Profitable

Top 2 Reasons Workstation Clusters Make Call Centers More Profitable

Squeezing as many desks in the least amount of space possible is an outdated model for call center design.  That tactic helped reduce real estate costs but it did not help with employee morale or productivity.

Setting up a successful call center is now a science of design, layout, ergonomics and economics.  The current trend in call center design is to use workstation clusters which can be configured to meet a company’s current and future needs.

Here are the top two reasons workstation clusters make good business sense.

1)  Better Employee Retention

Call centers generally have a high employee turnover rate.  When the job combines low pay, high stress and uncomfortable working conditions, the employer spends quite a bit of time and money continually recruiting and training new reps to staff the phones.

Replacing an outdated floor plan with more modern workstation clusters provides the reps with a sense that their positions are valued which contributes to better workplace satisfaction.  Younger workers tend to prefer the collaboration that is possible with workstation clusters more so than being isolated in older desking setups.

New workstations can be outfitted with adjustable chairs, monitor arms, keyboard trays and even adjustable work surfaces.  All of these make the work of the call center employee much more comfortable which has the added benefit of reducing stress.

2) Easy to Reconfigure

As your staffing level needs change, you need to have the flexibility to add to or rearrange your office furniture in the most efficient layout.

When downsizing your call center, re-arranging remaining employees allows you to save on unneeded phone lines, data cables, lighting and heating and cooling.  When increasing your head count, rearranging your call center layout to allow you to add a new workstation cluster and set it up with data and power is a cost efficient solution.

Since a workstation cluster is more portable, it’s generally easier to reconfigure than other types of call center furniture setups.

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